Peter Horrobin

International Director of Ellel Ministries

First Post

Normally I love new beginnings – they speak of exciting things ahead, new opportunities and new relationships. But, it is with a measure of nervous anticipation, even with a touch of ‘fear and trembling’, that I am sitting at my keyboard and typing this first entry of my new blog!

For some time now, different members of the Ellel Ministries team have been encouraging me to do this. But I’ve never been very confident that people would want to read it, or whether I can keep up a regular flow of things that are both worth reading, and which will prove to be a blessing to those who read them.

However, a few weeks ago I was thinking and praying about the idea, and I sensed a very clear encouragement from the Lord to start writing and trust Him for the content — and with the consequences – and not to worry whether anyone will ever want to read it! So, now I feel very much more relaxed about the whole project and am trusting and praying that for you who read these regular jottings, they will be a blessing.

The blog won’t be appearing regularly every week on the same day or at any other specific interval, but only when I sense the Lord has given me something to say.

The life that Fiona and I lead inevitably entails a lot of travel, going from Centre to Centre encouraging our teams, teaching at conferences and Centre events and sharing in the responsibilities of leadership.  As a result we are very privileged to see some exciting and fascinating places. While we really do love visiting all of them, when we are asked what place we like going to most, much to most people’s surprise, we always say ‘Home!’

Peter & Fi in Israel

Peter & Fiona

While we love being away, in reality there’s nothing quite like opening your own front door and enjoying the place which contains so many happy memories and all the things you are most comfortable with. For me, leaving home for any lengthy journey always gives me mixed emotions — the excitement and privilege of going somewhere special, to serve the Lord within the ministry, and the sense of wanting to stay a little longer in the place I call ’home’. And the older one gets, the stronger it seems, that feeling becomes!

Anyway, whether I’m at home or away, I’m already beginning to look forward to writing entries for the blog – so, welcome to all those who will be sharing with me on life’s journey. And watch this space!

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