Peter Horrobin

International Director of Ellel Ministries

Fi Joins In!

Peter’s camera died sometime last year and he was ever so pleased to buy an inexpensive but compact Sony in time for our last trip to Israel. He came home with some wonderful pictures including this one from our time at Galilee.

The view from the boat

View from the boat

Our tour guide suggested that we took some time alone to reflect and pray. It was a flat calm day without direct sunshine and the water was misty and tranquil. As I gazed upon the well known scene, which cannot have changed in 2000 years, I felt an urge to turn my gaze downwards into the waters of the Lake itself. The only obvious sign of life was some gasses, bubbling up to the surface from the mud on the bottom.

I felt a strong sense that the Lord was saying that although everything may look and feel tranquil and peaceful on the surface, there was unseen movement and eruption going on below.

We live in a world where we like to think everything will stay the same in the sense of our peaceful existence, but I felt a clear warning from the Lord that a shaking is taking place and darkness is coming across the face of the earth, even if at this time we cannot see it and it may feel safe and quiet. It is time to prepare ourselves and to dig deep into knowing the Lord, His ways and His Word as we watch and pray.

We should not be taken unawares through complacency or passivity. The signs are there if we watch and listen. Right now, for example, a crisis has erupted in Egypt. Underneath all the powers and pillars of world governments, God is moving and shaking. Isaiah Chapter 19 came powerfully to our attention – it’s all about Egypt. Beneath the surface things are definitely bubbling!

This is my first contribution to the blog! Peter and I are doing our best to move into twenty-first century communications! We are the most ordinary of folk but we do serve an extraordinary God and it is such a privilege share with you some of our adventures with Him. This blogging business is certainly, for me, stepping out of my comfort zone into another adventure with God into the unknown! How much easier it would be to stay in the safe and familiar — but without change there is no growth and without growth there is no fruitfulness. So, here goes………….!! And thank you for sharing the journey with us!

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