Peter Horrobin

International Director of Ellel Ministries

Thank You

My Great Uncle Will died the day after his 82nd birthday. On the next day everyone who had sent him a gift – however small – received a thank you letter from him, at the same time as hearing the news that he’d just passed away. There was no such thing as first or second class post in those days – all letters were delivered the following day anywhere in the country!

One of Uncle Will’s maxims was never to go to bed until you’ve cleared the day’s activities with both men and God. Which meant that any unwritten correspondence was answered before he climbed into bed, and his final acts of the day were always to read from his well-marked Bible and have a good-night conversation with His Lord. So, if the Lord took him in the night everything in his life would be “up to date” and there would be no outstanding business he would leave undone. And that’s exactly what happened. His life was totally up to date – with both man and God when early the following morning Uncle Will passed into God’s eternal presence.

I’m not sure how Uncle Will would have coped with Blogs, E-mails, Websites and the like! But his example reminds me of how important it is to say thank you to you all for the comments you’ve been posting on this website. I read them all and am glad to hear from you. I’m sorry that I’m not able to personally answer you all – as Uncle Will may have tried to do! But please keep the responses coming – they’re much appreciated.

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