Peter Horrobin

International Director of Ellel Ministries

Safe in a Dangerous Place!

I’m in the States right now supporting the developing work of Ellel USA. It’s springtime and the lush Floridian growth looks more like an English high summer.
On the decking outside the guest dining room stands the Ellel USA barbecue. From time to time this is heated up to a high temperature and is used to cook delicious burgers, chops, sausages and, on rare occasions, even steaks.
It’s not a safe place to be when the heat is turned up. But right now it’s not being used and a wren has taken advantage of this season to build its nest inside the barbecue and raise a family – it’s definitely spring time!

Wren's Nest at Ellel USA

Wren's Nest at Ellel USA

With the barbecue lid down there is only a small hole through which the birds can fly in and out, but with the lid up, as in the picture, you can see the whole nest, and the well-camouflaged mother bird protecting her already hatched babies. Apparently, this is the third year running that this particular bird has raised her young in exactly the same place!
As I looked at the wren caring for her young, I felt a deep sense of God’s presence and He was saying that from time to time His people may be asked to go into places that are potentially dangerous, like the inside of a barbecue. But that when He asks us to go, it is safe — and we need not be alarmed.

But we must learn to be specially sensitive to His voice and His timing, for if we go into a potentially dangerous place without the knowledge of His clear leading, then we may be endangering ourselves and, possibly, others. Those baby wrens feel no fear or concern – and neither should we, when we are in the place God has prepared for us.

It certainly feels as though the political temperature of the world is being turned up right now, and on so many different fronts – it’s definitely a time when we need to be listening carefully to His voice, walking in his ways and trusting Him.

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