Holiday Meanderings!

I sat on a remote headland and watched the sun setting behind the horizon across the open seas of the Atlantic Ocean. I was mesmerised by the beauty of what I was seeing and began to worship the living God in thanksgiving for his stunning creation.

Scottish Sunset on 4th September
Scottish Sunset on 4th September

Before going on holiday, I had decided to make the Psalms my holiday reading from the Scriptures, and earlier in the day I had been reading Psalm 25. When I got to verse 14. I had been suddenly overwhelmed with the knowledge of a profound truth that I had never really grasped before. This is what Verse 14 says: “The Lord confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them.”

It was that word ‘confide’ that was grabbing my attention. All of us who know and love the Lord are often confiding in Him – telling him the things that are on our heart, sharing our innermost thoughts with Him, confessing our sins to Him and generally expressing ourselves to the Lord in a variety of different types of prayer. We confide in Him in this way because we know we can trust Him. In fact we will only ever confide in someone about things that are private if we know that we can trust them.

And that was it – the sudden realisation that the Scripture was saying God confides in those who fear Him. And that must mean that when we truly fear Him, that He trusts us! This is not the fear that arises from being terrified of an ogre-like god, but the holy fear that fills our hearts when we love the Lord so much that to walk in His ways is our deepest desire.

And so it was that as the sun was setting over the Atlantic Ocean, that I was lost in wonder, love and amazed praise that the God who had just painted that sky would want to confide in me, and to share His heart. It was then that I realised what the Lord was really teaching me – that the fear of the Lord is the absolutely foundational key to receiving His guidance – for then the Lord truly confides in us what are His plans for our lives, His purposes, His instructions, His encouragement, His direction, His warnings, and His truths.

When, in the future, people ask me questions about guidance or are looking to me for advice about how to live their lives, I think I will respond, “Do you really love and fear the Lord?” For if they do, then they will soon be getting the answers to their questions themselves, direct from the only source that really matters – the God who painted that incredible picture in the sky and loves us so much that He longs to confide in us, His children. Oh what an amazing God we serve!


  1. I read two Dutch translations after I read this blog; one, the latest, translates this as: God is a friend of those who fear Him. Which seems less forceful than “confide”. I have been thinking about the fear of God lately, it seems to have become an old-fashioned idea, like awe and respect in general. So thank you for your words.

  2. I have just had a short break at rydal hall in the lake district and have been utterly amazed afresh at the stunning scenery…trying to thank God for it all many times over acknowledging He created it ..not some evolutionary accident (how preposterous)…
    While driving up i was listening to the late Derek Princes tapes on “the fear of the Lord” …….!!
    Thanks Peter…….

  3. It is so amazing to walking with Him and see His wonders.
    I have learned to wait for His answers. It is so wonderful to feel, to see or to hear Him, His guidance. He say’s:
    “I will instruct you and teach you on the way you should go, I will counsel you and watch over you. (Psalm 32:8)”
    It is much easier since my deliverance. I want to praise Him all of my life.

  4. Thank you again Peter
    What struck me about this meandering is that from a healing point of view I had to learn to really trust God and to know that he would not let me down like others had in my life. Trusting God meant letting go of my own hold and control of my life believing that he would carry me through. The more I did let go the more he led me which built up more trust. From there I can now relate to your writing as God wants a real relationship with us and one which is not about us just learning to trust him but the truth that he wants to trust us and share with us too. It’s a symbiotic relationship brought about by love flowing and that’s awesome. Does that make sense, mmh, I hope so. I love the picture too.

  5. This hits me profoundly in my spirit. I have heard so much from the Lord over the last five years. These have been huge, hurdle years, walking out of religiosity, perfectionism, sexual abuse and the deception and denial that goes along with that. These have been “what ever it takes” years, full of anticipation, and awe and wonder at the mercy, kindness, forgiveness, authentic beauty of the Lord. My Lord…I have been in such delight and yet wonder at why I seem to hear Him so much more easily and so much more assuridly Him, and not just any voice…This scripture makes perfect sense. Though I have much to learn and much to walk, I walk with a new belief and assurance within me. I walk knowing that “God ‘is’ good”, no longer is that just words to me. I know He is able to deliver me. I know He is awsome and mighty, and worthy to be praised. Before I knew I was supposed to know those things, but having it in my thinker, and knowing it in my knower, are two different things. Only surrender and finding safety and kindness, and yet a strength in that submission can bring that ‘knowing’ into my life the way it did. Thank you for allowing us to learn as you do. You’re willingness to listen to the Lord’s voice for this ministry and this time, has had a profound impact in my life here in the Ellel center Westport, Canada. Thanking God for His tremendous love and goodness.

  6. Giving thanks for this devotional. Father God, in His mercy has been speaking to me about obedience to Him…..and of course! Why didn’t I make that connection? He wants to give me that fresh word for when I am obedient to speak (in this case to a local bookstore)….bless you Lord! And thanks to Peter for writing…this maay not make sense to you, but it does to me!!

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