The Light of Truth in the United Nations!

On Friday 23rd September I watched Benyamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, tell the world that he was looking forward to the coming of the Messiah! Well, not exactly in those words, but in words that were so amazingly prophetic that I am sure he wasn’t really aware of the significance of what he was saying. He was responding to the speech of President Abbas in the United Nations, the speech in which Abbas made his claim of Statehood for the Palestinian Authority.

Netanyahu’s response was a brilliant speech in which he carefully set out the history of Israel and the region, and the conflicts there have been in our generation between Israel and its neighbours. He made it very clear that Israel wanted peace and wanted to negotiate that peace, but that in reality you cannot negotiate peace with anyone in any circumstance who does not believe that you have a right to exist.

As Netanyahu  brought his speech to a close he suddenly switched into Hebrew as he read from the prophet Isaiah. But what he read was truly astonishing, for these were his words when he read the sentence in English: “The people who walk in darkness will see a great light”, and then he said words that were effectively a prayer as he looked at his audience and spoke to the world as he said, “Let that light be the light of peace.”

He was quoting from Isaiah 9:2, which is the beginning of Isaiah’s Messianic prophecy about the coming of Jesus – a prophecy which is declaring that the light that was to come was in fact the one we also call the Prince of Peace. Just four verses later Isaiah describes the light that was to come using these words: “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Tears came into my eyes as I realised what I had just witnessed – the Prime Minister of Israel, a Jew, speaking words in the form of a prayer that were telling the assembled body of the United Nations that their only hope of peace lay in the Messiah, the Prince of Peace – the One we know who has already come and for whom believers are waiting with increasing expectation to come again. Indeed as we see the nations struggling to cope with the rapidly changing world situation many will be turning to the end of Revelation where John penned those words “Amen. Come Lord Jesus.”

Earlier in his speech Netanyahu had quoted from a famous Rabbi. Rabbi Lubavich, who had reminded him that even in the darkest place, the light of a single candle can be seen far and wide. That darkness is certainly there for all to see. And it surely is true that only when the Light of the World pierces that darkness, and puts His feet down in Israel for the second time, that for the first time in history the world will know the peace that only the Prince of Peace can bring. Yes, Lord, come quickly. The world needs you now!

As I mulled over what I had just seen and heard, I sensed that what Netanyahu had said to the assembled representatives of all the world’s nations was of much greater significance than most of those present could ever have realised. It felt like a starting gun had been fired in the heavenlies, and that I had just witnessed a turning point in world history – the moment when the Prime Minister of Israel told the nations that only the Messiah can solve the world’s problems!

Footnote: If you would like to watch the whole of Netanyahu’s speech for yourself you can watch it here on You Tube:


  1. Dear Peter,

    You may not recognise my name, but I am actually a training associate member of the team at Ellel Grange. I just want to encourage you and say how much of a blessing your messages are! Keep them coming … I was so excited to read this latest post … I hadn’t seen it live on the news, but to read what you wrote was once again like a holy spirit arrow straight to my heart! I believe, like you, that what was spoken was so very profound and makes me wonder just how close we are to seeing the second coming of our Messiah! How I long to finally see Him face to face, my heart’s desire – as I am sure it is for all of us who truly love the LORD – that we would each hear our master’s voice say “well done good and faithful servant.” We as believers watch with anticipation of what will be next to unfold before our very eyes … “Father God grant us wisdom and discernment I pray, as we keep our eyes fixed on You! Be glorified in all the earth!” Amen. Blessings to you and yours, Peter : ) Rose

    PS ~ I look forward to sharing in the 25th Jubilee Celebrations at The Grange in a few weeks time and hearing all that is shared. Thank God for His work of Ellel Ministries!!! In times like these with so much of the church focusing on “other things” this work is even more vital; may God continue to bless the ministry and all who are involved … from “the least to the greatest” … see you soon. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for this Peter. I also watched the PM’s speech on TV here in Jerusalem and was thrilled with his plain speaking, truth, boldness and also what you have shared. Wonderful.! He truly is an ‘Esther’ in Israel for such a time as this. Was at a prayer watch for the Government of Israel in Jerusalem this morning and a dear Messianic Believer made very similar comments to your own about the PM’s speech and read Isaiah 9:2 and right on to v7. As he read on from v2 the excitment and expectation within his spirit as he commented on the significance of these verses for this time was wonderful and it was good to be there to see how local messianic believers as well as us gentile believers have been given eyes to see what the Lord is doing in the spiritual realm. I listened to a brief part of a debate about the 2 PM’s speeches on French TV soon after there deliberations and panel members commented on how BN had resorted to religion whilst MA had given a clear political speech. It is about those who have eyes to see. Bless you Peter

  3. Thank you for sharing this. PTL that the Prime Minister of Israel spoke to the whole world of peace, light , and Jesus. Even so, Come Lord Jesus. This is a very exciting time to win souls and heal the broken hearted. Thank you for Ellel.

  4. Peter, thank you for this perspective. I knew when I saw the speech I was witnessing something profound, but to read how you put it into words makes me so thankful to God. May the Light we know, be known by all.


  5. Thank you so much, Pastor Peter,

    Yes, that speech was so awesome and annointed. Thank you for your enlightenment on the spiritual element of the speech as I did not think of that. In spite of all of the hub bub for these past weeks, G-d got center stage. G-d through Benjamin Netanyahu showed Himself mighty.

    Beverly Abajian

  6. I loved it more in the light of your blog<3 ! Thank you so much!! The word of God stands forever. God bless Israel!

  7. Wow! I felt goosebumps when I read this blog! I hadn’t heard Mr. Netanyahu’s address so did not realise exactly what was said but it’s quite amazing to think he quoted from Isaiah at such a time.
    I’m currently reading a book called “Isralestine” by Bill Salus and viewing the events unfolding in the Middle East in light of Biblical prophecy and it’s enthralling.
    Thank you for this post 🙂

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