Peter Horrobin

International Director of Ellel Ministries

Dreaming Big

Jim Graham is one of those amazing, timeless people, from whose lips drop words coated in the richest honey, but which carry with them the cutting edge of God’s authority. We have known each other for years and I count it an enormous privilege to count him as a precious friend.

His teaching at our recent Conference (God of the Breakthrough) was totally outstanding. And in one of his sessions he shared his personal dream for the Church. I concur with every single word he said and pray you will be blessed, challenged and encouraged by his words.

“I dream of a church that is founded on a love for Jesus rather than meeting our personal needs and fulfilling our preconceived ideas and preferences.  That’s my dream.

I dream of churches so filled with the Holy Spirit that they become utterly attractive communities of God’s presence and God’s power.  That’s my dream.

I dream of churches where seekers find reality in an eternal relationship with God and His Christ.  That’s my dream.

I dream of churches where the sick are healed morally, spiritually, mentally, physically, psychologically and relationally.

I dream of churches where the oppressed are liberated, where the broken are cared for and where they are mended for God’s eternal purposes.  That’s my dream.

I dream of churches where the poor are helped and given a new perspective and hope.

I dream of churches where families are restored and God’s order gloriously and gratefully established.

I dream of churches where addicts are set free and stabilised with a loving Godly discipline.

I dream of churches where people are empowered to become all that God created them to be.

You see, the Bible says that it is young men that see visions, but it’s old men who dream dreams. And these are my dreams and I long that these dreams will become part of the motivation and the reality of the Body of Christ on earth right across our planet.”

Every word of this expresses what the work of Ellel Ministries is all about. It’s what keeps our heart beating, as day after day we see the hand of God shaping and transforming people’s lives. I had an earthly Dad who encouraged me as a child to dream big and believe that if the dream was of God, then there’s nothing that can stand in the way of God’s purposes. But he also encouraged me to pray for those dreams and taught me that it is through prayer and intercession that the dreams of God in Heaven become reality here on earth.

Oh that we would so live in the dreams of God while we are here on earth, that we will then be empowered to fulfil the purposes of God on Planet Earth!

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