Strands of Destiny

It’s a long time since I wrote an entry in my blog – and there’s a very good reason for this. But first, can I say how sorry I am that there has been such a long gap? I hope you’re still there!

The truth is, lots has been happening inside the work and on top of that I needed to have a knee operation to tidy up the consequences of rugby injuries from more than fifty years ago!

Then in September we welcomed Andy and Cath Taylor back from being the Directors of Ellel USA in order to step into the exciting new role of UK National Directors. For the past few months they have been ably finding their feet. Now, having been released from many day-to-day responsibilities, Fiona and I are finding we have more time to write (including this Blog!) and get many other important things down in print before we’re too old to remember them!

Towards the end of 2014 we conducted an Advanced Training School together for the USA team, and thanks to the jet-lag I found myself sitting with my computer at 4.00am in the morning starting to write the story of how God used a very reluctant pioneer (me!), to establish the work of Ellel Ministries. I found myself being very challenged, convicted and encouraged, as I realised the extent of the Lords’ grace there has been for almost thirty years. He has been so very faithful.

This week I finished the writing, of what turned out to be a book, and I’ve called it Strands of Destiny. There’s still lots of checking to do – and, of course, digging out all the illustrations and pictures which add flesh to what has been a very exciting spiritual journey. In the book I’ve tried to illustrate how God brought together many different strands of life’s experiences and wove them into an extraordinary tapestry, which demonstrates to a very hurting world that our God cares and our God heals.

Another way of looking at the title is that a lot of strands interwoven together form a very strong rope. And a rope is something that people can hang onto – I once used a rope to save the life of a boy who was drowning in the River Eden – and there are countless thousands of people out there who are looking for someone to hold out a rope and drag them into arms of safety. In many ways that’s what Ellel Ministries is all about – holding out a rope to the hurting and desperate.

So, for the past few months I’ve been totally absorbed in writing Strands of Destiny. I’m hoping the book will be available in June. But now it’s finished I will, once again, be keeping the blog alive with regular updates – so watch this space!


  1. Thanks for your comment regarding the Creative Inspirational Weeks we have at Ellel Scotland. These weeks are a real blessing to those who attend. I’ll pass your comments to Ellel Scotland and Ellel USA so that they can consider them. Every Blessing.

  2. we live in marion,massachusettes USA.
    we would so much like to have the artist week ministry and woman’s inside/outward
    beauty ministry events here in usa or canada.
    scotland is quite far and both events or in 2 separate months this summer….
    even if the events would be back to back ,it would be much more feasible
    (2wks)please pray and consider
    thank you,raquel

  3. 752G5D4uDzkA
    I am so happy to hear you worked on a book.
    I am myself starting to write some short stories and hopefully one day it will be a book I will write.
    I am sorry to hear about your knee.
    I myself (much younger than you are) have plenty of body aches.
    I know of so many people who have had operations on shoulders, back, knees and so forth.
    Good luck for the future,
    I still go to Church and my son does to.
    Kind regards to you and your wife.
    Sabine Cruyssaert

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