View from a Distant Hill

When you are young the hills of time merge into the outline of a distant horizon. I used to look at my grandparents, who were younger then than I am now, and try to imagine what it must be like to be so old! They were standing on a distant hill and enjoyed telling me what their view of life and history was like from their elevated perspective.

The years have now passed and I, in turn, am standing on one of those distant hills. I have been looking back over the 73 years that God has so far granted to me, over 30 of which have been spent on pioneering and developing, with the Ellel team, the work that became known as Ellel Ministries. What God has done in that time is beyond human comprehension. I have been privileged to see Him work miracle after miracle – both in terms of the life-transforming work of His Spirit, in the lives of thousands of people, and in meeting the practical needs of the ministry.

The Psalmist encourages us to make a record of what God has done (Psalm 102:18), so that future generations will be able to praise and thank the Lord for what He has done. So, over the past few years I have been doing just that – writing the story, both of the years of preparation which preceded Ellel Ministries, and the step-by-step journey of faith that has seen the work established now in over thirty countries.

At long last the book, Strands of Destiny, is finished and about to be published. It is with considerable nervous anticipation that I await seeing the book for the first time. I have used the phrase View from a Distant Hill as the title of the Epilogue. For that is exactly what the book is – a view from the distant hill of my own life, looking back on seven decades of God’s faithfulness through many ups and down and often extraordinary experiences.

I find myself saying a very loud Amen to all that is expressed in Psalm 34 in which we find those simple words of testimony “O taste and see that the Lord is good” (v8). The poetry of Nicholas Brady and Nahum Tate perfectly encapsulates the words of the Psalm, and expresses for me my own thanksgiving to the Lord as I look back from my own distant hill. For He has miraculously woven the many different strands of my own life into His destiny purposes – hence the title of the book, Strands of Destiny.

Through all the changing scenes of life,
In trouble and in joy,
The praises of my God shall still
My heart and tongue employ. 

 Oh, magnify the Lord with me,
With me exalt His name;
When in distress to Him I called,
He to my rescue came.

 The hosts of God encamp around
The dwellings of the just;
Deliverance He affords to all
Who on His succour trust.

Oh, make but trial of His love,
Experience will decide
How blest they are, and only they,
Who in His truth confide.

Fear Him, ye saints, and you will then
Have nothing else to fear;
Make you His service your delight,
Your wants shall be His care.

(Strands of Destiny will be published by Sovereign World at the end of November.

Over 400 pages of text, and 48 pages of photographs.)


  1. Superb…. I’ m more than half way through reading ‘Strands of Destiny’ … one of those books you just can’t wait to pick up again… Peter’s openness and transparency describing the struggles and joys are wonderful to read. A very real encouragement for our faith in Christ as Peter shares the reality of his situations; the real stuff of life whilst remaining in the destiny and calling and seeing God use him. Thank you God and thank you Peter…

  2. The church has made a wrong turn. When Jesus said, “Leave to Caesar what belongs to Caesar”, the writer is doing the exact opposite. I agree, Jesus loved his fellow man. In the US and UK there is now so much hatred towards their fellow man. The only Christian who has spoken God’s words is the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. He is a man that lived in the world. He lived amongst Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists and doesn’t condemn them. They follow him, respect his wisdom. Christians need to read the Bible and stop following the type of doomsayers like the writer of this blog. Jesus lives and HE will rise again.

  3. Won’t it be wonderful when we all get together in Heaven one day, telling how our wonderful Lord kept us from evil and sanctified us. I can hardly wait for that day.
    It is great to hear of your book.
    I know it was a blessing to look back over your life and recount the beautiful things He helped you with.
    God Bless your ministry.

  4. I am so delighted to hear of this book! I cannot wait to hold this precious story of God’s amazing faithfulness in my hands!

  5. Yes thank you Peter just know I have been so blessed with your books and have read your latest one accident and trauma when it had come out.
    I just want to praise and magnify our Lord with you who has been faithful in so many circumstances in my life or when I have had troubles or distress and as I called out and trusted in Him to help me.God ihas been so faithful merciful and gracious His loves never fails. He will never leave us or forsake us. I trust in you Jesus to help me now As I pray to you
    May our Father grant us both peace and rest and may he bless you Peter and Fiona and family and bless all who recieve this latest book view from a distant hill ,in your love and obedience to Him thank you in Jesus . Name Amen

  6. Congratulations Peter! I too am an author so I know the joy of having a book published. I do hope yours will be in Kindle format.

  7. Thank you so much, Peter, for sharing these lovely thoughts…

    Strangely enough, two weeks ago I found myself looking at that very hymn.

    I note that it stands next to – in The English Hymnal – ‘Through the night of doubt and sorrow’ ! Words by B S Ingemann. With a closing verse

    ‘Soon shall come the great awaking,
    Soon the rending of the tomb;
    Then the scattering of all shadows
    And the end of toil and gloom’

  8. Praise and thank GOD for HIS faithfulness. I would love to have a copy for myself.
    How blessed to learn from the cloud of witnesses of faith. It is ever encouraging for the
    coming generations even as the LORD’s coming is so near. Thank GOD for you and your life and for Ellel Ministries.

  9. Oh WOW WOW WOW! what a wonderful thing to write and in anticipation thankyou Peter.
    I think my wife and i would like v much to read this. I wish i could talk to you personally but i am well out of touch. We have and are going through some tough health and work issues and so much need to prove (and have in the past) the truth of the hymn you quote, v kind regards Peter

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