Keys to Healing

New Livestream Teaching Series

Covid-19 has caused devastation across the world and has successfully closed the doors of thousands of church buildings. Congregations have been unable to meet in the normal way and Christians have been deprived of personal fellowship with fellow believers. There has been a huge sense of loss across the Body of Christ.

But, where one door has temporarily closed, God has opened literally thousands of others, as on-line events have been streamed right into people’s homes. When we had to close the doors of Ellel Grange, I began a series of live-streamed events on a Tuesday to encourage people who were suddenly trapped in their own homes.

I had no idea what this might lead to. But a lot of people tuned in and there was very positive feedback. The Tuesday Livestream soon became a series of topic-related messages – all of which can still be watched via our website. I was amazed at the encouraging responses that came in from all over the world.

Then the Tuesday event expanded with a parallel live-teaching event, being translated into Russian and live-streamed every Thursday to Russian speakers right across the former Soviet Union from Ukraine to Siberia and, indeed, all over the world as well!

Suddenly, it seemed, I was privileged to be reaching far more people than ever before and in places that I could never have dreamt of visiting! What began as an emergency response to Covid-19 has become an extraordinary opportunity for God to bless His people through the ministry.

After the latest series of four messages, on the Second Coming, I sensed the Lord was encouraging me to start a new open-ended series, explaining how to use the many different keys to healing that He has shown us over thirty-four years of Ellel Ministries.

So, I will be starting this new Tuesday series on the 10th November at 1.00pm UK time and the topic for the first message is Seek First the Kingdom of God. Each teaching will then be posted on the Ellel website under Livestream Events and will also be made available on YouTube. I’m looking forward with great anticipation to sharing some of our experiences and illustrating how God uses the truth of His Word to transform hurting lives.

One of the great blessings from the livestream messages to date is hearing how God has touched people’s lives and, even, brought profound healing as they listened to the teaching. I pray that if you are able to join us on Tuesday that the Lord will encourage, bless and bring His healing into your life also.


  1. Amazing teaching ,confirms a lot of what I know .i was in tears when I realised as I listened how blessed I am to have given my all to Jesus ,and as I write this I am in tears again at the confirmation I have received again . I am not ashamed of my tears but welcome them .My older son Nick is suffering at present with a skin condition caused by over use of steroid creams .he is 46 did pray the sinners prayer twice ,tells me he prays for healing ,but as yet God is not real ,I see little signs of God working in his life
    but as parents we also see what has to be put right and so taking it slowly to talk to him as he can only absorb so much .i would value your prayers and ask God to be real to him

  2. This is great I will certainly be tuning in!

    Ellel has been such a blessing to me over the years and I have received much healing. I have also experienced a lot of healing during the first lockdown through working through your free mp3 steps to life series.

    Hoping this new Livestream will now help me in ministering to others everything I have received

    Blessings ❤️

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