Wake Up! There’s a War On

The spiritual temperature of the world is hotting up. Every day that passes closes the gap between now and the Lord’s return. It’s impossible to read the prophetic passages about the events at the end of the age, without concluding that the battleground of the ages is being prepared. But at the same time I see a church that is woefully ill-equipped for an imminent war that few seem to want to understand or fight in.

In 2 Corinthians 11:23-29, Paul describes the extensive privations, dangers, persecutions, sufferings and attacks that he had passed through on his pilgrimage of faith. At the end of the chapter he describes how the Governor of Damascus had the city guarded in order to arrest him, but that he was lowered in a basket from a window in the wall and slipped through their hands.

There was a war on then to stop the Gospel message getting out to the world through the apostolic calling on Paul’s life. And two thousand years later there is a war on to stop the church rising up in faith to contend for the Kingdom of God against the god of this world who, in his last days, is determined to prevent people turning to the Lord for salvation, before the trumpet call of God calls time!

There is a war on for the heart of man, the souls of the lost are being weighed in the balances, and the words of Joshua cry out from the pages of Scripture to the people of God, “Choose this day whom you will serve” (Joshua 24:15). This is not a time for complacency, it is a time for determination to step out in full and glad surrender to our living Lord for His Kingdom purposes. To fight with everything we are and have to rescue the perishing, and be there for the hurting and the broken as the world’s systems fail to meet their real needs.

Long before Ellel Ministries was founded the Lord showed me prophetically how He desperately needed the church to cease from being a private club for members only, but to be a place of healing for casualties of war; a place of hope for the hurting and hopeless; a place which exists for its non-members or, as C.T.Studd*, the great missionary pioneer described it: a rescue shop, within a yard of hell.”

I may be old, but God has ignited a fresh fire in my belly and I feel like shouting out to the churches of the world, and their leaders, words from the old hymn: Who is on the Lord’s side? Who will face the foe . . . Who for Him will go?  (Mission Praise 769). Salvation and healing have the same objective, they have one and the same meaning. Salvation is the ultimate healing – resurrection from the dead!

In Jesus’s story, (Luke 10:25-37) a man who had fallen into the hands of robbers, was left half-dead by the side of the road. Ignored by both a Priest and a Levite, it was a good Samaritan who became the evangelist who stopped, cared for him and saved him from certain death. We live in an age when millions of people are lying by the road of life. They desperately need to meet the true Healer, the one who will not only care for their needs, and heal their wounds but show them the Way to the Truth and receive Life. Who will go to them with the only message that can transform their lives from the inside out and care for them “at the Inn” until they are healed?

It is time for repentance from our self-sufficiency and to engage in the real war that is being waged for the souls of menand women in these last days. There is a harvest to be reaped for the King and His Kingdom. And, as Psalm 126:6 expresses it so powerfully, “He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.”


*To read C.T.Studd’s amazing and challenging story in Gordon Pettie’s brilliant new book, please click here: https://sovereignworld.com/product/no-sacrifice-too-great/


  1. Thanks for the wakeup call as I keep forgetting that we are to reach and disciple the lost and perishing. Age is no excuse as we can stil bear fruit in old age.
    Joshua 24:15 Resonated with me this morning.

  2. Tuula from Finland

    I think the church i Finland has a long time followed the same ways and routines to have meetings and pastors have forgotten to make disciples to go out to reach people to the Jesus and to be witness of the Lord where we are. Instead of that it has been the most important to be in every meetkings in the church. we have many meetings under one week. We need to be more in prayers to search the Gods Will.

    I love to reads your blogs. be blessed

  3. Dear Peter, Thank you so so much for your new information that wake me up! I had spent a lot of time on my break for self-prayer to win battles happened in my inner heart being. It seems that my spiritual temperature is hotting up! “Choose this day whom I will serve” . This is going to be a challenge for me in this new year. As you said this is not a time for complacency, it is a time for determination to step out in full and glad surrender to our living Lord for His Kingdom purposes. Your words wake me up! I had finished reading some books among your recommendation, and tried to practice in my daily life. My ankle pain that bothered me many years was gone after my self healing prayer, which I followed all the steps in books you recommended. Hope God will ignite a fresh fire in my belly also! Huge thanks to you !
    In addition, Mosses started his ministry in his 80!

  4. Thank you Peter you share so well what is on our heart. As I think of how God has moved in power in the past history we are reminded that so often it is through people individually or corporately beginning to seek God. May the good Lord grand us to see a move of His Spirit before we are called home.

  5. Hello sir,
    Your last two posts have resonated alot with what has been going on in my spirit. The second coming of Jesus has been wringing clearly in my spirit and interestingly to my young children with whom on a certain week in our homeschooling devotional schedule was about the second coming of Jesus. Our discussions that week we’re glorious to hear from them, we even started praying for the nations with them.
    I have felt the same burden of the hymn, ‘Who is on the Lord’s side? ‘ and I have this clear call burning in me towards the church; warning of being on the grey area. Am trusting God on exactly how he wants me to bring the harvest. Please pray with me.
    Just to mention, I have been greatly blessed by the ministry of Ellel and forever grateful to the Lord for the vision he gave you. From Kenya.
    God bless.

  6. Dear Peter, thank you for your timely word. The Lord has been saying the same to me, as the time is indeed short. LIke you I am also getting old, 73 this year, yet still have that fire in my belly too! I have continued to work for an income since those wonderful days at Pierrepoint and thank the Lord for that privilege those many years ago to serve there. I am now down to 3 days a week so that will free me to serve the Church with renewed determination! Thank you again for trusting me with a small part in such a precious ministry – it remains a highlight in my own journey. The Lord has been emphasizing the importance of two pieces of work to prepare the Church – 1. A foundational series for new Christians and 2. a Discipleship series which will truly equip the Church to make Disciples in turn. I will be standing before our Father with you in the Spirit asking that we might have the privilege to complete this important work before we must go to meet Him. See you there! Much Love in Christ to you and to Fiona. Simon

  7. I fully agree with you!
    Our relationship with the Lord Himself is so essential in the last days. The tricks of the enemy have become very subtle. Do not let anybody deceive you! Run your race whatever the costs. In Him we are more than conquerors!

  8. I agree with all you have written Peter. I too have a fire in my belly and it is burning. I feel sure that the time is coming soon when Jesus will return, so we (the church) need to pull our socks up and get on with the work He has given us to do! Sue

  9. Thank you so much, Peter! This is timely pastoral and paternal advice… My belly is also being stirred! May the Lord continue to use your life strategically!

  10. So exactly describes how I’ve been feeling and thinking recently. ‘Who is on the Lord’s side?’ indeed! Longing to find my place in this harvest, and join up with others who care. Thank you.

  11. To myself the scripture is black and white but in the world of men I see lots of gray were God is judged by churches who then bend the rules to cater for man’s shortcomings. This gray has become a fog that blinds many and sends them away weak and accepting of the things thrust upon them by this world. I see this so much in the churches. I really believe that you hit the nail straight on the head with this latest post. God bless you Peter

  12. So great your words Peter! We need.. all of us.. to takes the light if Christ in to the darkness.

  13. Yes dear Peter Horrobin
    You are right.
    Thank God He has put fire back into your belly. I have been praying for that for years. God called you to Ellel ministry, its your dream. You are the heart and soul of it. Please dont ever leave.
    Nobody can carry fire you have. Nobody.
    I wish I could do more.
    But I am suffering myself with the liss of our Son Danny at 23 years old.
    I pray to God every day that He will free me from this depression and fill me with new fire.
    Thank God for you Peter.

  14. I have just finished a document for our local churches, “Revival, let’s get going”. I have just opened the email you sent. Wonderful. Thank you so much. It is so, so timely, and so, so good.

  15. Amen.
    Been reading Rees Howell’s – astonishing how intercessory prayer turned grim defeat to a victory to defeat nazism and allow gospel to be preached to every creature. Now in no less a battle. Help us Jesus. Thankyou Peter.

  16. Peter your blog is very timely and should spur us on to do everything we can to reach the lost before Jesus returns.

  17. Dear Peter,
    May the body of Christ wake up. We are complacent and absorbed in our own problems. We must think of the perishing. Hell is very real.

  18. Amen and amen!!!! Salvation belongs to the Lord who sits on the throne!!! Let’s bring it to the lost and hurting ✔️

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