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I was not only amazed by the number of responses to my last Blog article, but also impacted by the remarkable spiritual depth in some of your replies. Thank you for adding such rich contributions to what is a vital discussion for today’s church. I wish I had the capacity to answer each one in detail.

But there is one question I would like to answer. Gail said, thank you for your recent emails, though I did wonder why they had started to arrive, as I hadn’t received anything from you for a long time.” Yes, it’s true – I hadn’t written anything for quite a long time since I stood down as the International Director of Ellel Ministries in April last year.

And she is right to question why this series of Blogs has started to arrive!  The reality is that God is stirring me very deeply at this time and there is an urgency in my spirit to begin to speak out both encouragements and warnings from the Scriptures, by way of preparation for what living in the fellowship of a truly end-times church will be like.

The pre-requisites for living as the ‘called out’ people of God, in what will be the most hostile of spiritual environments could be very, very different from church as most of us now know it.  Jesus postulates a telling question when he asks, “When the Son of Man comes will he find faith in the earth?” (Luke 18:8). “At that time” Jesus also said, “many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other” (Matthew 24:10).

So, in this environment, what could church look like?

Jesus will be central. Holy fear of a holy God will be the essential pre-requisite for truly hearing the voice of God, amidst the clamour of a godless world’s voices. David tells us: “The Lord confides in those who fear him” (Psalm 25:14). We will need to really understand the ways and character of God and learn to follow Him. We will need His voice in our hearts to guide us in line with the protocol of the Kingdom.

Real praise and worship from the heart will be the security of its covering. Healing and deliverance will be vital. Knowing who you can really trust will be essential. Knowledge and application of the Word of God will be critical. Understanding spiritual warfare will need to be the norm. Discerning the ways, work and plans of the enemy and avoiding his traps will be a core principle. Church will have to be a 24/7 reality. Long gone will be attending church on a Sunday and attending to yourself Monday to Saturday. I could go on – there is so much more for future blogs to unpack.

I believe we are now in a season of urgent preparation for a church that is largely unaware of and unprepared for the spiritual reality of what Scripture tells us we are going to face. When you look at today’s world you know that the time Jesus warned us of, in Matthew 24, must be very near. Not only is the world at great odds with truth – and especially the One who is THE Truth, but apostasy inside the church will soon bring down the edifices of religion.

And when the enemy has done his bit – what will be left? The people of God who will be the end-time church, standing firm on the unchanging truth of the Gospel, respecting the plumbline of the Word of God and living in the presence and power of the Spirit. It’s to this end that I have started this series of Blogs and I am praying they will be used to help prepare God’s people for whatever lies ahead.



  1. Amen !! I’m so pleased someone is speaking truth into the mess of the current world situations..
    I’m really enjoying your blog .. praise God he continues to use you powerfully beyond your retirement.
    My husband and I are praying for doors to open for us to do NETS in England .. as we feel called to it.
    Currently completing explore B in Australia and reaping Gods blessings and Truth through Ellel ministry.
    May the Father continue to guide your pen ????

  2. When, oh when, will our churches stop trying to please everyone and focus on pleasing God? We need meat not milk! Truth not niceties!
    I thank God that I am a part of Ellel and the teaching I have received there has, literally, changed my life, both now and forever. However, we cannot rest on our spiritual laurels but must build an even closer relationship primarily with God but also with each other. Thank you so much Peter!

  3. Bless you Peter for your insight and courage – like you I find today’s church is woefully unprepared for these end times. It seems we are caught up in “doing” Church and not in seeking God’s heart and preparing the Church for true discipleship. The call from our Lord to “disciple” all nations seems to fall on deaf ears but for a few good souls. There appear to be many still who believe that the Church will be “raptured away” to save them from the great tribulation, and some who believe we are in the Millennium reign of Christ already!! What a mess of mixed up doctrine. I think the result is that men and women of God are too fearful to stand up and challenge some of the doctrinal stances of their denomination, and if they do the likelihood is that they will be out of the door! It would be great to hear your view on what the scriptures teach about these end times, so I will be among those willing to hear more! Much love from Helen and I.

  4. Thank you so much Peter we have struggled to find fellowship since standing down in Ireland the church is truly in critical time’s and often seems indifferent to her calling we have been so blessed to have spent time in Ellel and knowing the covering and help and teaching we are so grateful for you’re continued input in our lives blessings Jim and Irene

  5. Hi Peter, such revelation in your blogs, always remember the countless people you and the teams have trained over the years through Ellel, who carry on with healing and deliverance ministry. What you are writing now is new revelation fresh bread. It answers why we have been travailing in groans and having such a hunger to touch Jesus and get closer like never before, and to keep our hearts free from all offence. Thank you with blessings Susan.and Keith Mulvaney

  6. Dear Peter,
    It doesn’t seem that long ago that you were warning that the body of Christ would need to learn how to do healing and deliverance as health services could be closed to believers who stand for the truth of God’s Word! I wonder how long before that becomes a reality? Your early hope was that the body of Christ would wake up to the scriptural practice of healing and deliverance as a normal part of church life. Well, its not happened yet. I wonder what has to occur before our brothers and sister wake up? As for me, I am beginning to think that for the majority, it will not happen, or do I lack faith?

  7. Thank you, Peter. I agree. The battle still belongs to the Lord but He has been training our hands and hearts for war! Some- like Anna Verenych- are living through literal way and He has shown His protection, provision, direction, etc. The Ukrainian believers who’ve stayed are a special forces unit, of their own!

  8. To Peter,

    Thank you very much for sharing and re-affirming that we need to get very serious about getting equipped for what has already started and will grow soon.

    Only our Lord knows all the compromise, lukewarmness, etc that we need to repent of before we’ll be able to stand for our Awesome Lord, overcome and be fruitful in this (growing) time of persecution.

    Several leading believers have been instrumental these last years in my life to get prepared practically, and lately especially the (prayer) material of Basilea Schlink and other Sisters of Mary.

    May your message truly reach and be effective for many.

  9. Yes Peter, we certainly need to live holy lives, irrespective of how near we are to the ” end times ” Without holiness no one will be saved, so says scripture. What amazes me is why in view of the recent decision of the state church true Christians are not leaving in their droves. There seems to be an apathetic acceptance of the situation. Very sad, surely God is grieved.

  10. The “24/7” life style church is happening! We find ourselves, in rural Dorset, fellowshipping with many believers who either no longer attend a denominational church or who have never ever attended church in a Sunday building. Really looking forward to reading your new blogs. We are so very grateful. The Lord has blessed us through your ministry!

  11. Thank you for that desperately needed discernment. It is inescapable to me the need for a Holy lifestyle before experiencing what is coming. The world needs to see the Church exhibit a life that is filled with the Power of True Holy Spirit-inhabited Love. Because the enemy is going to counterfeit things to “deceive even the elect”. With technologies like AI and DeepFake, it’s easy to see how Satan can manufacture the kind of special effects to deceive large portions of the population. Only the genuine Presence of His Love will be strong enough to shine a light on the false. I don’t know if you remember me. I was at Blairmore House for one of the leadership conferences with you and Alistair. And, you came to Neighborhood Church of Chico a number of years ago.

  12. Thank you Peter for this timely and very potent piece. I appreciate what you have to share so much more that I get excited waiting for the next one.

  13. Thank you, Peter, this is very timely. You are not the only one sounding a warning. I look forward eagerly to your teaching.

  14. Thank you so much, Peter, for your urgent message. For me, living in Israel, it seems so clear that we are close to final events before Yeshua returns here on the Mount of Olives.
    Shalom from Jerusalem,

  15. The Lord spoke two things to me when I was facing death a year ago. They reflect the stark differences between the way we do and value things and the way heaven does. We’re so steeped in this world that we just can’t see them, but as Peter has said, as Christ’s appearance draws near, the important things, the cream of heaven, is rising to the top.

    The Lord said to me…..

    1. “90% of what you have done for me in your many years of ministry has been for your own glory.”

    2. “90% of what you see as important in your day-to-day life choices, just isn’t!” In other words, according to the values and priorities of heaven, I was wasting a lot of time on things that are of no or little value in heaven.

    Time to get it right.

    Then He said this: “The only thing that is important from an eternal perspective is love and relationships.” If ever we needed to worship and serve Him in Spirit and in truth, it is right now. We need to get our oil now.

  16. Bless you for sharing your heart and your testimony. I believe a hallmark of the end-times church will be a flood of desperate people discovering the reality of who Jesus is as He heals and delivers them.

  17. Thank you Bryan for this encouragement. It does feel like a ‘call within a call’. I’m looking forward to all that God has ahead for His people, even in the midst of turmoil!

  18. Thank you Sherill. And yes, indeed, I remember you well from those far off days! And thank you for your encouragement to keep writing in what are increasingly hostile days for the people of God who are truly citizens of the Kingdom. God is calling His people forth with an end-times mandate which will steadily unfold in the days ahead – perseverance is one of the vital keys for fulfilment of one’s destiny – so keep going!

  19. Hi Peter,
    Thank you for your blog. It is timely,as a believer I am very aware of the Urgency of getting that message out as we see the birth pangs definitely have started!!
    I attended Conferences twice in Blackpool and was Richly Blessed. At the Bible College I attended in Scotland we used your Healing and Deliverance books as our Text Books. We also here in Northern Ireland have a young Pastor, David Legge who used and sells your books at his Conferences.
    I was Ransomed, Healed, Restored, and filled with the Holy Spirit at Bible College. Please keep writing this Blog

  20. This blog is so right on I don’t know if you remember me Peter, but I am Sherill Piscopo, served on the I SDM with you. I admire and respect you so completely. We are the few not the many, in the body of Christ, because all I know is, I want to please God and serve Him and hear Him. It’s not about having a title, it’s not about being a somebody. I just want to be ready for whatever God has for my life and those in my church and my network. You are so right on ; we are so unprepared but, I also feel that God‘s got us and if we will persevere and really press in to know Him then we become the winners. Thank you & continue please, to speak out. I quote a lot of what you say because it is so right on & we’re not hearing it from a lot of other preachers, ministers, etc. so just to encourage you and let you know you have a group that really follows and believes what you are saying.

  21. Dear Peter
    Thank God for you and your timely blogs
    I’ve sensed in my spirit an urgency that time is running out for Christs Church to get its act together, to become ready for battle…strong in faith and spirit standing firm on God’s word and keeping His plumb line straight, not as it seems at present veering left and right as the world sends it
    Thank you
    God Bless you and protect you as you continue to warn God’s Church to get ready !

  22. Amen and amen Peter. For such a Time as this, you have been preserved, and relieved of the mega-responsibility to lead “Ellel International,” in order to TEACH the Body of Christ on earth, what we desperately need to know, in order to survive what lies ahead. Thank you for answering this very special “call within a call.”
    Hallelujah to the Lamb of God and ‘MARANATHA’ Lord Jesus Christ.
    Return SOON i pray. In Your Holy Name. Amen!

  23. Thank you for this timely blog, Peter. I strongly sensed the Holy Spirit when I read it. As Christians we can see the terrible birth pangs of the “Last Days”; the Turkish/ Syrian earthquake is one such piece of evidence. When reading your words I felt so grateful that you were able to reinforce the biblical view – the big picture-of these end times days and to encourage, support and cheer people on with sound teaching.You are helping us us to see that we can’t be passive during these days, but we must actively stand up for what we believe and actively seek out our best/closest possible relationship with Jesus.

  24. Wonderful truth thank you for being a voice of jesus ❤️ in these dark days. As I write I am looking back at my walk with jesus. 22 years ago I was a alcoholic drug addict,homeless, family gone,job gone, friends gone, 150 grand in deat, suicidal, and so broken oh i craved death, yet terrified of dying. Had a spirit of hatred and constant lying, and felt terrified all the time. Panic attacks constant, taking massive amounts of doctors tablets as a addict to them.Sexual addiction was with me from the age of 11 and still controlling my life. Stealing and lying was my portion all the days. And much more deeper brokenness that I never could at that time see ,because of the surface things in charge of my life. Sounds bad. Best day of life was that day. I called out in my hellish life, if you are real help. That second my life changed what a joy. As I speak no more of the past has any hold on me. One by one jesus has walk me out,and delivered me into freedom. Been hard and very painful, but jesus always comes through, even when I doubt. Loving jesus is easy for me. Many don’t understand that I need to become a Holy vessel. So important to understand that the walk becomes Holy to break satuns hold on God’s children. Then I can stand and overcome anything that wants God’s work not to happen. Praying and speaking out God’s word in faith is key. The power is not ours ,but the word is our victories. I love nothing better than seeing others come to eternal life in jesus ❤️. That’s life .Thank you jesus for loving ❤️ to victories to serve the kingdom Time to dance again and tell all. Thanks jesus

  25. Thank you for the blogs, Peter. I attended the prayer meetings at Ellel Grange when it was first opened – 4 of us travelled from Keswick. I’ve seen how the Lord has blessed your ministry and so many people since then. My husband was a Minister (registrar of Keswick Convention too) and he often quoted the verse about finding faith on the earth in his sermons in many denominations. I’m praying that a small Community Church in Bispham will open the door for me to share about Israel from the Word of God as I’ve done in 2 churches over the past 9 years. Served in Jerusalem with CMJ for some years + the Garden Tomb including 1st Gulf War. The Lord bless you and keep you in His care.

  26. Thankyou Peter
    Fleshing out all these aspects of what the new church looks like is what I see as the urgency too
    Urgency is also pressed in my heart

  27. Thank you so much for your timely comments. If I am correct, Revelation was written for believers – therefore those who do not enter the kingdom of heaven , such as the cowardly, immoral etc. must refer to apostate believers rather than to unbelievers. (?)

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