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Hello Everyone

Many apologies to all those who have been trying to send in responses to my latest blog Top-Down or Bottom-Up? A bug in the computer software was blocking the system. It’s now been fixed – so I will look forward to reading your contributions. Huge thank-yous to all those who add their comments – they are very much appreciated. If you haven’t contributed before, but would like to, just scroll down to the bottom of the blog where you will find a “Leave a Comment” box.



  1. Hello from Winning Manitoba Canada. I am currently reading a book you wrote on deliverance/spiritual warfare. I borrowed it from the prison Chaplain where I work (Correctional Officer). It’s really an excellent book and I have been enjoying it. Do you still believe in the same stuff? This book was written in the 80s I think. Casting out demons is a major part of it. I read a similar book from Francis Macmutt who is sadly passed on. But I’m happy to see that you are very much alive and blogging very recently. I would love it if you could write back and hopefully we could have a brief chat. I can share my testimony with you and see if you have insights for me. Anyways, thank you 🙂

  2. Thanks Peter,
    You’re right, God is rising the last generation of those standing for Him no matter what.
    They will call to fear God and give Him a glory because of hour of His judgment has come -Rev.14:6-7. I believe they will be the ones to fulfill Matt. 24:14.
    Healing, getting people out of medical troubles would be the vital part of their activity of sharing the gospel and making disciples. Exactly as Jesus did while on earth.

    May God bless your ministry, Wes

  3. Dear Peter I am new to your blog and have been greatly encouraged especially by the article about the remnant . I have been saved for 50 years now and have never seen masked witchcraft so prevalent in churches where I live, which is in Wiltshire. Indeed the sifting is here . Exiled,shunned and put out of the synagogue just as Jesus warned has arrived for those who like myself do not comply and dare to question . I do not believe revival will come in Britain only judgement as we are again told in Matthew 24 it will be as the days of Noah and there was no revival then. My questions are where is this remnant and will the Lord gather his remnant to build his end time church. Thanking you . Kim.

  4. Dear Peter,
    Having worked alongside you for many years, my heart was stirred afresh as you shared the Jesus approach to healing. If we wish to get rid of the fruit we have to identify and remove the root.

  5. Top down – Bottom up. Very timely! Exactly what I needed, on time. Dontcha just love God’s amazing timing? Thank you.

  6. There seems to be a thought in many people that by going to church you prove, beyond doubt, that you are a Christian. But as you say, one can be in church for many years and not be born again because they have never heard the gospel.

    People can believe in Jesus and think they are saved as Acts 16v31 says, but even demons believe as James 2v19.

    Believing in Jesus implies you will continuously love Him with all of your heart, and that teaching is missing. We can believe, but are we completely devoted to God all the time?

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