He’s Watching Over You!

Psalm 1:6, NIV
For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.

We all need encouragement! Today’s Scripture is such a strong word of encouragement for God’s people. The Scripture says that if you choose to walk in God’s ways, He promises to watch over you! Of course, God can see us wherever we are and whatever we are doing – for we cannot actually escape from either His presence or his knowledge of us. But the words here, translated as ‘watch over’, mean much more than God seeing us or being aware of what we are doing. They contain within them a powerful promise of loving protection.

For example, a beach is a wonderful place for children to enjoy playing in the sand. But it is also a place of potential danger from the sea, or even from other people on the beach. So Mum and Dad would not only be seeing their children playing on a beach, but they would also be watching over them – meaning that they would be constantly aware of all that is happening around the children, looking out for any potential dangers and at all times be in a state of readiness to move quickly to act in case of danger. This is a perfect picture of what to “watch over” means. The parents see what is happening – but they don’t see and do nothing, they see and also act if the children are getting into danger and need help. They are watching over their children.

God’s promise to those who choose to walk in righteousness is that He will watch over us just like this. In the first Psalm we read that people who walk in His ways will be like a tree that is planted by a river, that always has fresh sustenance from the water and as a result produces wonderful fruit. Fruitfulness is a sure test of real spirituality. To be fruitful we need to be drawing water from the river of life. We do this by choosing to walk in His ways. The choices we make have a direct effect on both our protection and our fruitfulness. Father God is a good gardener – he loves to watch over His fruit in each one of our lives – including yours.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for the wonderful promises in your Word. Help me to always make the right choices and walk in your ways so that my life may be very fruitful and that I may know your loving protection as you watch over me. In Jesus, Amen

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