Preparing for 2012

John 9:4, KJV
“I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night comes, when no man can work.”

As we prepare to enter 2012 there’s a real sense that God can wipe the slate clean of all the sins and failures of 2011. Do you remember being given a new, clean exercise book at school, with all the pages blank? God is handing us a new book for 2012 with all its pages blank. I wonder what we will write in it?

This new year will have 366 days, and we need to make each day count in the Kingdom. None of us knows how much time we have left or when Jesus will return. This scripture (John 9:4) encourages us to work WHILE IT IS STILL DAY.

In order to please God we need holiness and godly character. This doesn’t often happen as the result of our New Year’s resolutions, which surveys tell us only last, on average, for thirteen days! We do have an opportunity, though, for new beginnings.

Recently in Hong Kong I witnessed Chinese believers in whole-hearted, fervent and passionate worship, which deeply impacted me. And I realised the key lay in their complete, and often costly, obedience, which flows out of their deep love and absolute surrender to our Lord Jesus Christ.

In 2012 we have 366 days in front of us, and the developing of our godly character will flow from the workshop of our everyday life, each day a new step. We face an exciting, unknown adventure with God, who has promised to never leave us or forsake us. Someone has said, “With God on our side we are always in the majority!”

If we ask Him, Jesus can press the ‘delete’ button on all our confessed and repented of sins of the past, and He chooses to remember them no more. Praise God for the cross!

Every day in 2012 can be a fresh start. Only Jesus can make all things new.

Today, as we take time to reflect on all that 2011 included for us, and maybe on just how quickly it all went past (I find as I grow older the years seem to shorten), we must accept that none of us can change one minute of what happened. But what we can do is to learn how to lean more heavily on the grace of God in 2012, and to trust Him by faith, one day at a time.

There is a right place to begin. Maybe you need to forgive someone, or apologise to someone? Do you need to stop a practice that is wrong? Perhaps you should go for ministry or godly counsel. If you have unfinished business with God today is a good day to deal with it. Ask God to give you the strength and determination to take that first step and your healing process will begin, as you get your life into godly order.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I come today and ask Your forgiveness for all the sins of my past, and commit myself to You for every day of 2012. I want my life to count in the Kingdom. Help me to lean on Your grace and strength for each new day and to bring all areas of my life into godly order. Thank You for Your love for me, and help me to trust You to provide for me each day. I love You, Lord, and take Your hand as I go into 2012. Amen.

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