The ‘Giant’ of Tradition

1 Samuel 17:38, NIV
Then Saul dressed David in his own tunic. He put a coat of armour on him and a bronze helmet on his head.

The second ‘giant’ David had to face before he met Goliath was ‘the giant of tradition’. David talked to King Saul and the conversation was very revealing. Who should have gone out and faced Goliath? Saul, of course! Where was he? Trembling with fear in his tent!

Physically David was on the small side because he was still young. It would seem to anybody that he was incapable of defeating a nine-foot giant. But God had been preparing David while he was out on the hills protecting his father’s sheep. He had been able to kill both a lion and a bear. God prepares us as we are doing things which seem small and insignificant. God had been preparing David with a sling and stones while he was in the fields. He had become a crack shot. Do you think David thought he was doing anything ‘spiritual’ when he was practising with his sling, day after day? God will use everything He has invested in you – even those things you think are unimportant.

Saul was threatened by David’s courage and vision. Insecure leaders can be intimidated by passionate, radical followers of God who are even willing to risk their lives serving God. Jealousy destroys ministries. It can also destroy our very relationship with God.

Saul told David if he was going over there to face the giant he would have to do it the traditional way. He dressed David in his own armour and, of course, David looked ridiculous. But David resisted this pressure to conform. There will be people who will tell you how to do it, but, remember David. He had to use the unique gifts, talents and experience that God had invested in him.

It must have taken a lot of courage to stand up to the king when he was only a boy and hadn’t even fought in the army. This battle was far too important for David to forget God’s preparation and to try and do it the traditional way. David had to conquer the ‘giant of tradition’ before he could slay Goliath. David chose his own method of warfare which God had shown him. Let God direct you. Do what He says today and stay focussed on that.

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, please show me those things that are merely tradition and are not relevant to what you have asked me to do. I don’t want anything to take my focus away from walking in Your Kingdom purposes. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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