The Great Feast

“People will come from east and west, north and south, and will take their place at the feast in the kingdom of God.”

I woke up early in the morning and couldn’t stop thinking about the parable of the great feast which is in Luke 14:15-24. Whenever I read it years ago my focus was primarily on the excuses that the different people had to not want to attend this feast. And somehow I understood it to say I shouldn’t buy anything, do business, work or get married, but I should wait for God’s calling to the feast, and that’s what being a Christian was all about.

But I couldn’t work out how to do that in practice. Because we do need to do all these things during our time here on earth, while we wait for Jesus to return and for the big feast that the parable is talking about.

This morning my focus moved to those who did attend the feast. These people were gathered from the streets and alleys in the town, and also from the roads and country lanes. Basically they were gathered from everywhere. It says they were poor, crippled, blind and lame. What they had in common was that they all needed help in various ways. The poor have to beg, the blind need someone to lead them, the crippled need help on their way and the lame must trust others to carry them.

Thinking about this parable, I realise it means that God accepts those who need help, and seek that help from Him rather than from things like work, financial security or relationships. God knows what we need and wants to help us. His main focus is our relationship with Him. But He also delights in giving us those other things, because they make us glad, and then we’re grateful to Him.

So, are you poor? Seek riches in Him. Are you blind? Let Him guide you. Do you feel crippled? Receive His help. Yes, even if you’re lame and totally dependent upon others, receive His help and let Him carry you.

Jesus is full of grace and truth, and He says that He is ‘the way, the truth and the life’. He came to proclaim good news to the poor, freedom to the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind. Seek His help, and He’ll help you on your way. And when the time comes, either for death, or His return to earth, you’ll join Him in His big feast in heaven. Take it to heart today that, no matter what the circumstances, you can look to Him.

Prayer: Thank You, Jesus, that You prepare a feast for us in heaven. Thank You that You help me with what I need today. Thank You that You see where I’m heading. Lord, if I’m on the wrong path in any area of my life, lead me to the right path. Thank You that You don’t turn Your face away from me, but that You receive me in Your grace. Thank You that You carry me today, where I need that. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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