How a love of cars birthed a life-changing vision!


by Peter Horrobin

For the lover of cars and motoring, or those who just enjoy a good read, this is a rich collection of memories, humour and motoring experiences.

£19.95 + P&P

One Life, Many Cars tells how Peter’s childhood love of cars grew into an adult passion for Alvis cars – in particular, a classic sports car of the early nineteen thirties, the Alvis Speed 20. This became the car of Peter’s dreams.

But when he eventually acquired a wrecked Speed 20 for just £50, Peter’s dream turned into a nightmare! The nightmare, however, became the turning point in Peter’s life, giving focus to a vision for the restoration of broken lives.

The book is packed with over 220 photos – most in colour and most previously unpublished – and includes many amazing motoring adventures with cars bearing legendary names such as MG, E-Type Jaguar, Riley, Alvis, Lagonda and many more.

Hard-back 144 Large format pages (200 x 250mm) 227 Photos and illustrations

“A treasure trove of suspense, adventure and breath-taking escapades! . . .” “This wonderful book . . . I wholeheartedly commend it . . .”

£19.95 + P&P

For the lover of cars and motoring

or those who just enjoy a good read, this is a rich collection of memories, humour and motoring experiences including:

  • Rebuilding four Morris Minors in ten days
  • Driving two classic cars at once from Inverness to Oxford in less than 48 hours
  • Replacing the engine of a broken-down MG in a Welsh farmyard
  • Blowing a hole in an Alvis engine while chasing a police car!
  • In pre-speed-limit days driving one of the first E-Type Jaguars on British roads
  • Driving a Lagonda to Frankfurt and back

“I so enjoyed this remarkable book . . . fascinating . . . extraordinary . . . a modern-day parable . . .”

For the lover of Alvis Cars, Peter tells:

  • How he experienced ‘True Love’ when he first encountered a TA 14 DHC
  • Of his personal encounters with the best-ever Alvis, the 1938 4.3 litre Vanden Plas Tourer and its legendary Alvis owner, Professor J.A.Penman
  • Of rescuing a 1934 Speed 20 from the oblivion of a River Mersey graveyard
  • How the rescued Speed 20 Cross & Ellis tourer changed his life
  • How a 1960 TD21 3-litre became his preferred business carriage
  • And how his Speed 20 Vanden Plas tourer proved to be the one Alvis used to redraw blueprints of the Speed 20 Chassis after the originals were destroyed in the war
  • The story of his Alvis 4.3, Offord 4-door tourer, first owned by Lord Brabazon of Bristol Brabazon fame!

£19.95 + P&P

“The story in this book saved my life!”

About the author

After five years as a College and University Lecturer in Oxford and Manchester, Peter left the academic environment and spent fifteen years in the world of business.

Always a passionate car enthusiast, he wrote the best-selling Complete Catalogue of British Cars in 1974 and it was while restoring a 1934 Alvis Speed 20 that a life-transforming vision changed his life for ever.

In 1986 he became founder of Ellel Ministries, a charitable work of Christian healing and training that is now established in over 35 different countries.

Peter Horrobin

Hard-back 144 Large format pages (200 x 250mm) 227 Photos and illustrations

£19.95 + P&P

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