Peter Horrobin is the Founder and International Director of Ellel Ministries.  Ellel Ministries International was originally established in 1986 as a ministry of healing for the north-west of England.  But the work so grew that within a short time there were centres all over the world.  By 2017 the work was established in over thirty different countries and students who have trained with Ellel Ministries are working on every continent and in well over fifty different countries.

The complete story of Peter’s life and ministry is now told in his book Strands of Destiny published in December 2017 by Sovereign World. To review and order this book please go to  The following biographical details are a brief summary of the ground covered in the book.

Family Background

Peter was born in 1943 in Bolton, Lancashire, and was later brought up in Blackburn, also in the north of England.  He has remained a life-long supporter of Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

His parents gave him a firm Christian foundation for life with a strong evangelical emphasis.  His early grounding in the scriptures was to equip him for future ministry.  After living in the south for a while he eventually returned to his native county after periods of time spent in Surrey, Oxford and Manchester.


After graduating from Oxford University with a degree in chemistry, he spent a number of years in College and University lecturing, before leaving the academic environment for the world of business.

He founded his own publishing and bookselling companies and then, after fifteen years of writing, publishing and bookselling, the doors opened for the ministry to be established at Ellel Grange, a country house just outside the City of Lancaster.  Throughout his university and business career Peter had known that he was only ‘marking time’ until his true calling, into some form of Christian ministry, would come to fruition.

The Call to Ministry

Peter first knew this calling as a young teenager, but he had to wait nearly thirty years before his life’s work was to begin!  In his twenties he started to restore a vintage sports car (an Alvis Speed 20), but discovered that its chassis was bent.  As he looked at the broken vehicle, wondering if it could ever be repaired, he sensed God asking him a question, “You could restore this broken car, but I can restore broken lives. Which is more important?”

It was obvious that broken lives were more important than broken cars.  So, in 1970, the beginnings of a vision for seeing people healed and restored was birthed in his heart.

He prayed daily into this vision for over ten years before God brought it into being.  Many Christian leaders affirmed the vision and gave it their support.  Since then a hallmark of Peter’s ministry has been his willingness to step out in faith and see God move to fulfil His promises, often in remarkable ways.

The Work of Ellel Ministries

After the establishment of a Prayer Support Group, the purchase of Ellel Grange was completed in November 1986.  Since then Ellel Ministries has grown very steadily – there is now a full-time team of over 300 people, running a continuous series of healing retreats and training courses and schools in all the Ellel Centres around the world.  (See the Ellel Ministries page for further information.)

Under Peter’s leadership the world-wide teaching and ministry team has seen God move dramatically in many people’s lives to bring salvation, hope, healing and deliverance.  Through them, and in a relatively short period of time, God has built a work of international significance.  The work is a faith ministry, depending totally on donations and income from training courses for maintaining and extending the work.

Ellel 365 is a major online training programme that was developed and pioneered by Peter for Ellel Ministries. The new edition of Ellel 365 will be relaunched as Journey to Freedom in 2018.

Marriage and Family

Peter was first married in 1968.  It was a great sadness and disappointment to him that this marriage irretrievably broke down.  This was eventually followed by divorce after five years of living apart.  The work, however, continued to be blessed by God and survived those very testing days with the help of a very dedicated team of committed workers.

Peter is, and always has been, a staunch believer in the sanctity of marriage and some of the erroneous reports about the circumstances of his divorce and later re-marriage, were based on hearsay, ignorance of the facts and distortion of the truth.  Sadly, they have been used by some to try and undermine the integrity of his life and ministry.

Peter married Fiona, who had also gone through the trauma of a painful divorce, in December 1994.  Through their marriage God has brought great healing to them both and they have been privileged to serve the Lord together ever since in the leadership of Ellel Ministries.

Their four children are all involved in Christian work, two of them working full-time in different sectors of Ellel Ministries.

Peter and Fiona now travel and write extensively to support and encourage the different Ellel teams and the ongoing development of the work.  Together they teach and minister on many different aspects of healing and discipleship.

Other Interests

Outside of Ellel Ministries, Peter was the originator and one of the compilers of the amazingly successful and popular Mission Praise, the first volume of which was originally compiled for Billy Graham’s Mission England in 1984.  The 25th Anniversary Edition of Mission Praise was published in July 2009.

Peter is also an enthusiast for fishing and Alvis cars. He still hopes, one day, to see the Alvis Speed 20, through which God gave him the vision for his life work, restored and back on the road!  His Complete Catalogue of British Cars, which was first published in 1975, has long been the standard reference work on the history and technical specification of every model of every make of British car, manufactured between 1895 and 1975!  During his years in academic life he also wrote and edited books of specialist technical interest about different aspects of building science and technology.

Through her pioneering work in seeing how God can bring great healing through the rediscovery of people’s creative gifting, Fiona herself discovered a talent for water-colour painting.  Some of her paintings have now been turned into art cards and can be seen and purchased at

For details of the books published and written by Peter and Fiona Horrobin, please see Books and Publications.

For details of the current worldwide activities of Ellel Ministries International please go to


  1. Congratulations for the blog. Thats what i call coming to the people. It is a commendable job.
    I am proud to be part of this. Please enlist me on your mailing publications. I am in Zimbabwe, an administrator withHarvest Time ministries and also involved in social work under Chiedza Foundation.
    I am so much inspired by your ministry and the work you are doing.

  2. My Dear Beloved and Lovingly Brother,
    Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Your Lord’s work is wonderful, So i am very very happy. God gave me one Good,Faithfull and honest Lord’s worker (you are A Good and Faithfull). I am working rural and forest areas. We are depending on God. We are heartfuly Inviting you please come and visit our area and Our area Lord’s work here. We need your Teachings,Preaching and healing power. We are praying for you and your ministry day by day dovelopment. Please pray for us. (II Thess:-2:13.Isaiah:-58:11.Psalms:-125) GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ESPECIALY YOUR CHURCH.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Hello Peter,

    I heard from friends in California about your visit and presentation. I am delighted that you are looking into that region.
    You have crossed my mind a number of times and I wanted to touch base and say hello.
    I pray you and Fiona are well.


    Martin and Cindy Frankena

  4. Dear Peter,

    Along with my daily Bible reading, I am undertaking the ‘online’ Ellel 365 course, which is just great!

    I’m on topic/step/day 75 and I can testify that this work/course that the LORD has led you to create is ‘HUGELY ANOINTED’. I would recommend this course to anyone as it’s very convenient; also the charges are very very reasonable, I know that most people could very easily afford this course, it’s relevant, it’s walking through your own personal healing journey step by step, it has great depth and leads into revealing God’s great revelations, wisdom, insights, Godly HEALING every time I read each topic area, (which usually takes me about 15 to 20mins to read and then I spend about 20 to 30 mins just taking it all in and seeing what the LORD is revealing to me and where HE wants me to be healed.) It also reveals GOD’s wonders and beauty and how much our Father in Heaven SO incredibly with great eagerness, commitment and with HIS powerful LOVE just loves us, each one. HE ‘ DEEPLY CARES’ about each and every big to thee smallest details of my life, my thoughts, my concerns, my ways, my past, present and future! It’s a wonderful tool that GOD has given through your hands to share with ALL in the World. I’m also presently talking to my Rev’d to get the congregation to use this tool as part of their FULL Salvation journey, which of course includes healing and restoration!

    Added to this, my husband who has very recently come to the LORD is finding the course immensely helpful and a good guide as he takes each step of his journey with Christ. I have printed off a couple of topics for him to read and he feels greatly moved by the LORD, which is great, great for me to see and I ‘Praise God and give HIM ALL the Glory’!!!

    God bless you, your family and Ellel Ministry.

    Veena Shepherd

  5. Someone with some connection to you commented on my blog:, and in responding to their comment, I inadvertently linked to your blog. Isn’t this a small world! I’m glad to know of your ministry and very impressed by your compassion and candor. Keep up your good work! Let’s pry for each other! donkimrey

  6. Back here again. As you probably noticed, I meant to say: Let’s “PRAY” for each other, not “pry!” I’m very impressed with your work and hope you’ll take a look at something I’ve done. After being away from the Lord too long, I returned to Christ. In the wake of that, I studied some Biblical characters. They were flawed, and I asked myself how that could be the case. How could “saints” be so obviously flawed. Then, How did they recover?” My website contains sample chapters of some who acted exactly as we do. i believe some to whom you are ministering would find help…especially in the case of how Joseph managed to recover. The site is: . Keep up your good work. donkimrey

  7. Dear Peter,I have been reading Your blog since You satrted it and also The seeds for a couple of years now. Thank You for the great work!!! I am an Operasinger and my life/time is quite irregular and makes it hard with regular activities, like church sevices, Bible groups, due to performances on Sundays, travelling etc.Today I got especially touched by Your message. It has been my prayer lately that The Lord will show me all that`s in the way of my relationship to Him.I have the most wonderful oportunities to sing with the best orchestras in Concert Houses and Operas and so serve The Lord with my voice and heart. I never go on stage without blessing whoever is in the hall or on stage with me and I believe it makes a difference in the lives of these people.BUT as long as I remember, I always struggle with the feeling that I am not good enough and it sometimes almost paralizes me. Something Bad and Ugly has rooted itself, I am not quite sure what or whwere from, and the enemy knows well what to use in situations to try to be in the way of God`s Glory.Anyway, Your message today touched something in my heart and I had a deep prayer experience and I feel that The Holy Sprit is at work.I am sure You can`t read all the messages that You get but perhaps somebody else will and pass on to You, that there is an Opera Singer out there in the world, who is greately thankful of the work of Ellel Ministries. You do give me great support an inspiration for my work as a singer/ performer that with all my heart want so serve The Lord with the gift He has given me!I like to wish You, Your wife, Family and all leaders and helpers of the ministry God`s blessing, Wisdom, Strenght and Protection for the good work that you do!Sincerely,Malin Hartelius.

  8. For too long the church was all about itslef, meaning the people gathered each week to get what they wanted from the church. Craig you have refocused our church to be all about serving and giving our lives so that others can find Christ and grow in faith. When a church gets fired up about reaching and giving up our lives then great things begin to happen. Passion is rekindled. Giving of time seems the least we could do. Freeing up resources to help others becomes a normal part of our lives. There is something compelling about a church that is going all out. In addition a lot of dead is removed and new growth begins to happen. When the church is alive, great things happen.The church has delegated evangelism and care to para church ministries for too long. It is time for us to do what God has called us to do and to be the hope of the world. What could God do through your church that so impacts your community that the community longs to find out more about you? What could a 50 member church do to rock their world? Seek God and he will show you. Your church can change the world whether you have 15 or 1500. Seek God, step out and do it.

  9. Dear Peter

    I live in Cape Town, South Africa. First heard about your ministry in the Joy magazine. The article was about a South African girl who fell in the mountains and injured her back. You ministered to her and she recieved a dramatic healing. I was very drawn to the article as I am very athletic, but in about 2003 a foreign driver drove into the rear of my pickup (we call them “bakkies” in South Africa) and caused whiplash damage to my T6 and T8 vertebrae from MRI evidence, which has caused me much pain and grief ever since. I have gone for many healing prayers and I believe with all my heart that the healing is mine to receive, but as yet the symptoms persist.

    Later I watched a Sid Roth video and there you were again telling your story of the bent car chassis (I am a graduate engineer and loved cars and motorcycle repairs from my youth, so your grief over the “irreparable” bent car chassis was amusing) and then about the healing of a girl who fell in the Blue Mountains in Australia who injured her spine who was also dramatically healed through your ministry.

    I believe God has been directing me to contact you in order to receive the healing I greatly covet. Amazingly, I have always been greatly drawn to pray for people and their freedom from oppression and infirmities. I pray in faith for many people and to get healed and delivered and they do, but struggle to operate in the same power upon my own body. I also have been involved with Christian friends in healing ministry. Are you coming to Cape Town anytime soon ? You are welcome to stay at my place in CT if you are. You’d like it here, close to the local Waterfont and Cape Town’s tourist destinations. The only ministry I have seen you have in South Africa is in Pretoria, which is another country to us here in CT. CT could do with a local Ellel branch.

  10. Thanks Anton for your message. I have been to SA and CT many times. Our ministry in SA is at Shere House near Pretoria, but they do minister in CT from time to time. I suggest you contact Beryl Puffett, the leader of the work there and see what she can arrange for you to receive prayer. Go on line to to get the contact details.

  11. Hi Peter, Can you please pray for healing for my dearly loved wife Cecily from cancer?
    Thank you and may God continue to bless your ministry, Ewan

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