One Life Many Cars

Tells how Peter’s childhood love of cars grew into an adult passion for Alvis cars, and how an Alvis Speed 20 became the car of Peter’s dreams.

But when he bought a wrecked Speed 20 for just £50, Peter’s dream turned into a nightmare! The nightmare, however, gave birth to a vision for the restoration of broken lives.

It explains how Peter’s love of cars and motoring were used to shape his destiny. 

The book is packed with over 220 photos and includes many amazing motoring adventures with cars bearing legendary names such as MG, E-Type Jaguar, Riley, Alvis and Lagonda, such as:

Rescuing an Alvis Speed 20 from the River Mersey . . . Driving two cars at once from Inverness to Oxford . . . Blowing a hole in the side of an Alvis engine while chasing a police car! And many, many more motoring stories and adventures.

A rich collection of memories, humour and motoring experiences make this a great read, with the thread of how they contributed to Peter’s lifetime calling being evident throughout.

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  1. Hi Peter – As a former custodian of DHP233, I’m excited to receive your book and learn more of your encounter with Professor Penman. From anecdotes told, he sounds like a remarkable person. Kindest regards.

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