Spiritual Bling

Bling: Fancy and often expensive jewels designed to impress!

The consequence of chasing after what seems to be a new and powerful anointing can eventually lead some people to have doubts about God, depression and a deep sense of personal failure.

Because they are so impressed with the signs and wonders, they lay aside their discernment, and open up their heart to a new, and often false, reality. They believe the supernatural things they are seeing must be from God, forgetting that Scripture also warns about the possibility of false prophecy, false signs and false wonders.

Deep in their psyche they conclude that this special anointing must be better and more powerful than anything they have ever experienced before – and they want it. They don’t realise that in seeking after someone else’s, apparently greater anointing, they are also saying that ‘whatever anointing I have must be inferior to what they’ve got!’

This is now fertile ground for doubts to arise about the God they have been worshipping all these years, who now seems so weak and powerless by comparison. There will be many who have chased an anointing who will eventually be in danger of losing their own faith in the true God, because the God on display seems bigger and better than their own.

They could look back on their own life of apparent inadequacy and hear the voice of an alien spirit saying, “how come your God so betrayed you, that he let you serve him for all these years without ever letting you have such power?”

What an awful dilemma! This is Deuteronomy 13 in 21st century clothing. In that very important chapter, God warns of prophets whose words come true but who, at the end of the day, will turn your heart away from the truth about God. What an awesome warning. God never told masses of people to try and receive another man’s anointing.

The miracle of the incarnation and the cross is that God has already given us His best – salvation through His Son and baptism in the Holy Spirit. People who run around the world trying to better this by catching another man’s anointing are, in reality, telling God that what He has already given is not enough. What an insult to our wonderful Saviour, what a deception. God will anoint us for service in the place of His calling. I can’t give my anointing away and I don’t want anyone else’s! I only want what God has for me.

The main reason people run after fancy new things is a mixture of their present dissatisfaction with what they have and their desperation for either healing, power or a new experience.  There is such a lack of understanding in the Church about real healing of the human heart.

So many people want to deal with their inner inadequacy with something external and fancy. It’s the spiritual equivalent of the bling that the stars wear to catch everyone’s attention and impress their fans. Real beauty is never an add-on extra, but flows out of a saved and healed heart.

That’s why I am so passionate about real healing – not just because I long to see sick people getting better, but because it is God’s desire to make us beautiful for Him using the amazing, wonderful gifts of the Spirit we already have.

“We have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that this all-surpassing power is from God AND NOT FROM US.” (2 Cor 4:7). And this real treasure is definitely not caught from anyone else as part of a transferable and tangible anointing. And if we have to travel up to a third heaven to “get it”, you can be sure that what is brought down is false. Jesus came down from Heaven because fallen man couldn’t go up!

The only scriptural example of a genuine third heaven experience left Paul not even wanting to identify himself as the one who had had such an awesome experience (2 Cor 12). What a contrast to what’s happened in various parts of the world today as people are encouraged to have their own third heaven experience at will – not God’s will, as with Paul, but their will!

O God, help those who are caught in the deception of thinking that God’s amazing gift of Salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit is inferior to the “spiritual bling” that is appears to be on offer in Satan’s jewel shop!

Not long ago, my wife and a friend had some fun trying on fancy jewellery (bling) while on a short holiday. Later, she and her friend had a good laugh about all the wonderful diamonds they couldn’t afford and began to sing the old hymn, “When He cometh  . . . to take up His jewels” They fell asleep laughing with thanksgiving that we are His precious jewels and we don’t need any additional spiritual bling to make ourselves attractive to God!


  1. Thanks Peter, very good information, I just realised again that God loves me just the way I am, and I don’t need to do anything to make myself more attractive to Him. He has already given me the gifts He wants me to have, and I can rest in Him knowing that in whatever way He uses me, I am able to do His will in my life and co-labour in-Christ in accomplishing His plans on earth as it is in Heaven. Thanks again for this post. Heidi

  2. When I read your blog today, I could not help but reflect on the lack of good teaching in the Church, which leaves a gap that enables people to seek for the false rather than the truth.

  3. Thank you Peter,
    I am thinking of “Greater is He who is in me than He who is in the world.”
    We can rest in Him.

  4. What an amazing reply to all those who are running around chasing the next big “wave of the spirit” and trying to convince others to do so, too. Thank you for your insight and discernment and for this wonderful response to the deception that is infiltrating the church. God bless you, Peter.

  5. WOW, that’s awesome, so true and a great insight. Many have been deceived and sadly they are chasing signs and wonders. For me the One in me is ENOUGH.
    Thank you Peter, if all called by His name could read this,they couldn’t be travelling seeking for healing powers or some kind of signs.
    God bless your labour in the Kingdom!

  6. Thank you for the wonderful message and a great reminder that we should be seeking God and not the blessings.


  7. What a precious post Peter! I just love the sensitivity with which you explain this enchantment I see many Christians around me becoming involved with. You put words to the thoughts and feelings in my heart so eloquently and that encourages me greatly in my own personal discernment. Thank you!

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