Peter Horrobin

International Director of Ellel Ministries

The Father’s Joy

I knew that starting a blog was dangerous! And that one day the pressures of life would catch up with me! It’s more than a few weeks now since I last posted an entry and people keep on reminding me of my failure to do so. But the reason is very simple – we’ve been on holiday and it has taken us a little while to get back into the stream of things after returning from a much needed rest.

In the time since the last entry two great sporting events have been occupying the world’s attention – the Olympic Games, followed by the Paralympics. There can’t be many people in the world who haven’t seen some of the events on TV. There are many moments I could reflect on as I watcged the world’s athletes give of their best in the pursuit of gold.

For me, however, the lasting impact of all the amazing images that filled our screens, day after day, is not of some particularly spectacular achievement, but of camera shots that appeared every single day at all the events showing pictures of Mum and Dad — sometimes just Mum and at others just Dad — absolutely bursting with pride and joy at watching their children give of their very best.

For example, when Chris Hoy won his cycling gold medal in the velodrome, there was Mum and Dad, Mum hardly daring to watch and Dad seemingly bursting out of his skin, cheering their son on. The camera kept on flicking to their faces. It was gripping television and made the race all the more exciting and poignant, realising how involved Chris Hoy’s parents were in their son’s achievements.

As I watched Chris’s Dad jumping up and down, laughing and crying at the same time at the end of the race, I was suddenly deeply impacted in my spirit by an image of how Father God looks down on His children and is filled with joy and excitement as he watches them run their particular race of life. Realising how much joy we can give to God, simply by being the people He made us to be and doing the things he gave us to do, has given me a fresh impetus to keep running  the race for as long as He gives me breath.

I’m sure Chris Hoy must have been very aware of his Mum and Dad in the stands as he raced round the track. What a blessing to know that God is watching His children and rejoicing with them in the race they are running. Olympic gold medals are very precious – but they are only of passing significance. Let’s keep our eyes focussed on what God has called us to be and to do as we look forward to an eternal crown of life being awarded to all the redeemed who love and serve Him.

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