Breaking Through

Ever since the beginning of the work God has had us on a journey. At times it’s been a roller-coaster ride of faith as, little by little, God has taught us vital healing lessons from His Word and shown us how to apply them.

It was a shock, at first, to discover the significance that deliverance could have in the journey of healing. Then we learnt about the bondages people can be in through the ties of  wrong relationships. It was a further huge step forward when God showed us the keys for healing the brokenness caused by accidents and trauma. And then, when helping people with many kinds of struggles and problems, Fiona found that God can minister healing using creativity as a means of connecting to and finding lost identity. Out of this experience she pioneered the Healing Through Creativity courses at Ellel Grange. These have brought deep healing to thousands of people, both in the UK and at our Centres around the world.

And much to her surprise, God even used this course to break a sub-conscious fear of failure within her, which eventually led to finding her own God-given artistic gifting!  She signed up for a local art class and some of her paintings have now been made into greetings cards and are giving pleasure to others as well. You can see them all at

Healing Through Creativity is not, however, about finding hidden talent, although it may do just that!   It is about finding yourself and in finding yourself, finding that God is there with you, releasing you from hidden bondages and controls, many of which can be deeply subconscious.

Some of the most profound healings we have seen on Healing Retreats and Training Courses have  come about as people discovered that they are truly made in the image and likeness of God – creative like their Creator and loved for who they are.   Being creative in the fullest sense is everything from taking a walk, enjoying sport to being a woodworker, a scientist or a cook.  It includes you!

Having seen such wonderful fruit from Healing Through Creativity, Fi began to develop a week-long course, Bridge From the Head to the Heart, at Blairmore in Scotland. Here, in the tranquil beauty of the Highlands there is space and time for healing of the deepest hurts, which are often blocked in hidden places.

Following her years of running these particular courses, and years of praying with individuals, the vision then came for Breaking Through to Freedom – a course (currently run three times per year at Blairmore House) which is especially suited for those who have become stuck in their problem or have wrestled with significant issues, but have not yet found their personal breakthrough.

What a joy and privilege it is to have a part in seeing lives transformed under the hand of God. We are living in a very broken world, but God has His answers and is today transforming the broken-hearted of Isaiah 61:1 into the oaks of righteousness of Isaiah 61:4.


  1. Good day Sir, I am always delighted to receive an e-mail from you. Your words are an inspiration to me. My desire is to some day do a course in Scotland, however, for now I will just contend with finishing my foundational studies. I pray that God allows me the privilege to study at Ellel soon.

  2. Yes, The Holy Spirit is revealing fresh areas of need and I thank God that Peter and Fiona are listening with open hearts…..keep up the good work my friends!

  3. It’s so amazing to hear from you about how God
    has healed many broken hearts.
    I really appreciate this initiative and pray that I may
    be part of it if God allows.
    I am one of the people whose heart has is passing through
    hard times.
    May you keep on including me on praying.

  4. Wow, what beautiful cards Fiona. As someone who can just about draw a stick man the creativity course would be worth it’s weight in gold if such a transformation in ability could be accomplished. I might give it a try next year!

  5. I was on the very first healing through creativity at Ellel Grange with Fiona and am glad God opened up this doorway at Ellel.
    I now use this experience by providing Creative Learning in the Community Centre and have seen lives altered and changed. Our biggest change has been with adults needing supported learning. Like your paintings Fiona there’s have shown their parents and residents in the community that nothing is impossible.
    God bless you all.
    Fiona your paintings are great
    thanks to you both

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