A Time to Die

The River of Life Blog that I sent out yesterday should have been introduced by this one, which explains the reason for it. Sorry – my fault for getting the order wrong!

Each of us, believer or unbeliever, has to face the reality that there is a time to die. As I approach my own eightieth birthday, I become ever more conscious of the fact that ‘here we have no continuing city’ (Hebrews 13:14) and that a future and permanent eternal home awaits those who know and love the Lord.

I’m also conscious that the pressures of war, finances and social circumstances are making people think more seriously  about the greater issues of life –  and, also, death. But, how do you communicate with people who in our agnostic age have no spiritual knowledge or framework within which to consider such issues?

As you will have seen from my recent Blogs, God has been impressing upon me the urgency of bringing in an end-time harvest. Jesus’s lament about the man who wanted to build bigger barns in which to store his wealth has always impacted my spirit, “You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you . . . this is how it will be with anyone who stores up things for himself but is not rich towards God” (Luke 12:20-21). Clearly, in the overall scheme of things, being “rich towards God” is of pre-eminent importance.

The world we live in today is a far cry from God’s original plan. How far we have fallen. More than ever, there is an urgency for believers to recognize that time may be shorter than we think and that the harvest is waiting to be gathered in. Do we really want to ignore Jesus’ final plea for the salvation of lost souls?

Recently, I was asked to write something that could be sent, emailed or given to an unbelieving friend, that could start him thinking about the issues of life, death and eternity.  I prayed much about what to say and how to say it. The result is a piece I have entitled “The River of Life” and which I am now publishing for the first time.

This Blog is simply an explanation of what will follow in the next one! I have issued The River of Life as a separate piece, so that you can forward it to anyone you wish – especially to those who don’t yet know the Lord or who could use it in personal evangelism. This has not been written as a comprehensive theological statement, but as a taster to start people asking the right questions.

As the days get darker the urgency of the Gospel must take priority in our thinking. I pray that God will use this to direct many towards the Gates of Heaven, so that, at the moment their life will be demanded of them, they will know where they are going.

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  1. Thank you Christopher for your encouraging comments about The River of Life blog. I will be delighted for it to be circulated far and wide. I prayed long and hard about putting something together that might capture the thinking of the outsider to the Christian world and draw many to the Saviour in these perilous times. It seems, however, that it is also being appreciated by believers who have little solid grounding in what, Who, or why they believe what they do!
    Blessings and thanks

  2. Many thanks Peter – I am planning to circulate your River of Life blog to all members of our Full Gospel Business Men and Women in UK & Ireland as well as my Anglican Diocesan Bishops in Suffolk.

  3. Hi Peter from Jasper, Ontario, Canada. I was a student at the 9 Week School in Orangeville in 1996 with you , Ken Hepworth, Martin Frankenna , Steve Hepden and others. I know that you have a Father’s heart, so, keep on blogging! I remember you and a pastor from Hong Kong ; Peter Jackson; getting into a debate on eschatolgy, and now here we are for such a time as this.

    Blessings and health


  4. Thank you Lisa for your input – I pray you will know the Lord’s rich presence as you sit with your Mother during her dying days.
    Love and blessings

  5. These words are peace to my soul. The timing of me reading this is powerful words of God’s love and grace. I am sitting by my mother’s side as she is waiting to be with the Lord. She is now in palliative care and will.soon be facing the end of her physical life on this earth- But we rejoice that she will soon be drinking from the river of Life and rejoicing with her heavenly Father fully healed and made whole. What a beautiful picture to grasp when you know there is no greater love than our Father. May God raise an army of laborers to bring in the harvest and share of Jesus salvation to all who will recieve the gift of life. Thank you Peter for your words to share. Not my will,but God’s will be done and He be glorified in all things. In Christ Jesus name, Amen

  6. Amen to the title. Not read it yet. The last blog was just amazing. Would be great to be able to WhatsApp it to family.
    Will be on my was to Explore B3 tomorrow. Explorer !

  7. I’m sitting here a Train on a long, slow and boring journey. ???? The more I read of Peter’s blogs and other sources, I’m struck by the fact that things are moving at great pace (faster than my train!) The world is about to receive a cataclysmic shock that will make us mortals fall to our knees. I don’t whether to rejoice or panic! As Peter says the time has never been more to ensure salvation for those around us. Be the salt and the light. Time is short.

  8. Thank you Peter in sharing your heart with us, am encouraged by your passion to spread the good news in the end time as this. Just posted your message in my Facebook page as a respond to Father that I am willing to be one of His people being sent to the harvest!

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