God’s Amazing Gift!

Isaiah 26:3, NIV
“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.”

The peace that is beyond human understanding is not peace in the world between nations or in families between relations, but between God and man. We may rejoice when opposing forces choose to be at peace with each other, but we should marvel in utter amazement that a holy God can choose to be at peace with his rebellious children, who have deliberately turned their backs on him.

For most of us that would be, as the wartime film declares it “A Bridge too Far”! But God so loved His children that the price for sin was willingly paid by His Son and the bridge of eternal truth was built between God and man. For those who believe there is no longer any need to despair when our days on earth are coming to an end. And in the midst of all the pressures of life we can still have peace in our hearts, whatever the prevailing circumstances, because our peace does not depend on our ability to fix anything, but on the fact that Jesus has already prepared for us the way of salvation.

When our thoughts are steadfastly focussed on God and His love, we will not find ourselves straying into activities that would disturb our peace. What we think about is always the precursor to what we actually do and when our thoughts are pleasing to God, then our consequential actions will never disturb our peace. This is a divine law!

Learning to trust in God is the antidote to fear, serving Him is the answer to all our uncertainties. And in trusting and serving Him we will be at peace in our hearts both in time and, when the day comes for us to pass from time to eternity, our hearts will not need to fear – for we will already have eternal life within the limitations of time. Christian peace is utterly priceless – it can’t be bought because Jesus has already paid the price!

Prayer: Thank You, Lord, for Your peace – peace which transcends all circumstances of life and enables us to face death with the anticipation of faith, knowing that You, Jesus, have already gone ahead to prepare a place for us. Help me, Lord, to keep my thinking focussed on You so that all my actions will be pleasing to You. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

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