Place Your Bets!

Psalm 20:7, NIV
“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.”

Trusting in God seems to be one of the great challenges of the Christian faith. It takes faith to trust but it also takes a measure of trust to move in faith.

Horses have always been a part of our family. As a matter of fact, we made our living from the thoroughbred horse racing industry. Horses were purchased as yearlings, trained, conditioned, disciplined and groomed for many months, and then eventually sent out to race. Many days, money was wagered, and trust was put on a horse to win, but, most days, that wager was made in vain, and the horse lost the race.

Jesus has redeemed my family out of the kingdom of darkness, and we’re learning daily to put our trust in God, and place our money on the only sure thing; Jesus Christ, Saviour, Redeemer, Provider, Healer, Defender and Perfect Father.

Our journey, as a family with the Lord, has required training, conditioning, discipline, grooming and a measure of trust that didn’t seem to make sense at first. He restored my husband and me first, and then our marriage, and then He called our children to Himself.

He’s faithfully been establishing godly order in every area of our lives, and we’ve watched in amazement as His powerful right hand has reached even into our generational lines, bringing salvation and freedom to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, nieces and nephews.

Our world influences and encourages us to trust in the wisdom of man. I turned to a familiar source to find some facts about the cost of a horse and chariot in King David’s day: Google!

Imagine my surprise when Google directed me to 1 Kings 10:26-29.

Our Father is the Creator of all things and there’s no question of man that can’t be answered by Him. Learning to hear His voice requires divine training, conditioning, discipline and grooming which won’t be in vain. Psalm 20 is a beautiful blessing, written by a man who learned the lesson of trusting God through faith, or you could say, had the gift of faith that enabled him to trust God.

Our ability to trust may be broken due to the many circumstances of this dark world that have robbed our sense of safety and security. But faith, according to Romans 10:17, comes through hearing the message And the message, we’re told, is heard through the word of Christ. What better time than during the season when we’ve recently been celebrating the birth of our Saviour, to hear the message of Christ afresh, so that faith can come!

Prayer: Father God, You’re the only perfect Father who gives good gifts to Your children. I see Your faithfulness in that You gave your one and only Son for me. You know how hard it’s been for me to trust You fully, but I come to You today to ask for the gift of faith. I’ll do my part by listening to Your word about Your Son, Jesus Christ, and I trust, in faith, that I can leave the rest up to You. For your glory! Amen.

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