Derek Prince reviews Healing Through Deliverance

The Body of Christ at large owes a debt of gratitude to Peter Horrobin for producing this book. It is clear, it is practical, it is scriptural. It meets an urgent need in the Body of Christ worldwide.

We are living today in God’s promised end-time outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In Mark 16:17–18 Jesus said that there would be five supernatural signs that would follow. The first two are “they will cast out demons” and “they will speak with new tongues.”

In the last century tremendous emphasis has been placed upon this second sign: “they will speak with new tongues.” Many books have been written about it, and countless personal testimonies have been given. By comparison, however, very little has been said about the first sign: “they will cast out demons.”

At different periods in my ministry, I have been involved in dealing with demons, and I have seen scores of people wonderfully delivered. However, I observed that wherever we became involved with demons, there were two universal reactions from Christians: ignorance and fear. I put them in that order because ignorance is the primary cause of fear.

At certain periods I had the privilege of ministering together with Corrie ten Boom, the Dutch Christian who spent two years in Hitler’s concentration camps and graduated from there to a worldwide ministry to the Body of Christ. I often heard Corrie say, “The fear of demons is from the demons themselves.” In other words, demons project fear into the minds of those who should know how to deal with them and thus inhibit people from taking scriptural action against the demons.

In this book, Peter deals with various areas of ignorance in Christians that inhibit them from taking effective action against demons. He gives an overall picture of the spiritual world and the various kinds of spirits who inhabit it. On this basis, he clearly analyzes the way that the Gospels depict Jesus Himself dealing with demons. He also interprets the other passages in the New Testament that contain information about the whole realm of spirits.

On the personal level, Peter provides a comprehensive list of “signs” that could indicate the presence or activity of demons. He then follows this up by practical counseling that covers two areas: 1) how to receive deliverance for yourself; 2) how to minister deliverance to others. He stresses the character requirements that such a ministry demands. In particular, he warns against the “lone ranger” who is accountable to no one. Peter and his coworkers always operate together as a team.

On the basis of many years of personal experience, I have come to believe that deliverance from demons is, at this time, the most urgently needed ministry in the Body of Christ. This book provides the answer. I heartily commend it to you!

Derek Prince

Derek Prince was an international Bible teacher whose teaching impacting many millions of people throughout the world. Derek passed away on 24 September 2003 but his ministry Derek Prince Ministries continues to serve the body of Christ today. Read about Derek on Wikipedia or see the website for Derek Prince Ministries

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