Jesus, Healing and the Second Coming

Exactly six months have passed since my last Blog entry at the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis. Over a million people have now died worldwide, 200,000 in the USA and close to 50,000 in the UK. Even though the restrictions, suffering and the economic consequences persist, the nations have largely got used to the idea that Covid-19 is still around and will be for some long time to come.

Since then the Christian world has moved online and the crisis has given birth to a wealth of online resources being made available. Throughout this time, I have been live-streaming a series of messages (video blogs – all still available to hear on the Ellel website) and at the end of the last series, I invited people to suggest topics for the next series. Over half the people who responded asked for teaching on the Second Coming!

It is a fact that throughout history, whenever people have been going through crises such as war, earthquake, famine or disease, there has been a parallel rise in interest in what Jesus said about the end times (see Matthew 24:6-8) and what the Bible says about the Second Coming. A book I’m currently reading was re-issued during the first world war for this very reason!

In Matthew 24 Jesus teaches about the end-times and warns His followers, in verse 9, about a time that’s coming when “you will be hated by all nations because of me.” Increasingly, followers of Jesus are being marginalised, ostracised and persecuted for their beliefs, across the world, even in so-called Christian nations.

We cannot ignore either this or the continuing catastrophic events of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, in response to those who have asked for teaching on the subject, I will be beginning a new series of live-streamed video teachings on ‘Jesus, Healing and the Second Coming,’ starting next Tuesday 6th October at 1.00pm. I pray this will be both a challenge and an encouragement to us all. It’s good news – Jesus IS coming again!

PS Look out for an email with more details.


  1. We have been pleased to watch Peter’s video teachings on ‘Jesus, Healing and the Second Coming,’ Having had the first 3, we were expecting to receive an invitation to watch part 4 yesterday but have not received anything.

  2. Thank you Peter
    I am sure the teaching will provide encouragement and hope to many folks as well as fresh insights on a very familiar subject. Please could you bring some teaching on the condition of autism and possible spiritual roots at sometime in the future. Meanwhile look forward to your blog.
    Thanks and blessings

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