New Year – New Opportunities!

At critical moments in my life God has brought key books to my attention, and an urgency in my spirit has compelled me to read them. Some have been, quite literally, life-changing, life-enabling and life directing.

Lance Lambert’s book ‘Jacob I Have Loved’ is the latest in a long list of priceless books which God has used in this way. The theme of the book is ‘The Power of God to Transform a Human Life’, as seen in the life of Jacob (Sovereign World, 2007). The book has been on my shelves, unread, for fifteen years. I have passed that shelf many times each day, for at least 5000 days!

But, just before Christmas, the title on the spine inexplicably grabbed my attention. And as I pulled the book off the shelf, I knew that God wanted me to read it – not just sometime – but now! I finished it this morning. It is a totally brilliant, and very readable, exposition of how God can meet with us in our brokenness and then, in our wrestling with Him, lift our eyes from the pain and enable us to step into an unknown future, not trusting in any human resource to try and ‘fix it’, but in God alone. As a result of his wrestling, Jacob limped for the rest of his days, but his limp was an ever-present reminder that it is only the presence and power of God that can enable our future destiny in Him (See Genesis 32:22-32).

Jabbok Valley Experience

Having left behind half a lifetime of service with Laban, it was in the solitariness of the Jabbok valley that Jacob encountered God, and his future walk with God was ordained and determined. For me, it was after half a lifetime’s service with Ellel Ministries, as Founder and International Director, that I experienced something unimaginable, as the new International Director and Executive Leadership decided to close down the vital work at Pierrepont and sell the property.

As a result, I have been through my own Jabbok valley experience. But, in it all, I have known  the ever present help of the Lord, Emmanuel, ‘God with us’.   A ‘Jabbok valley experience’ is God’s way of purposefully pushing us into the new and fresh ground that He has been preparing for us.  As we enter 2024, I am aware that through the valley God has been at work in my life, and others God has sent and placed around me, and has lifted my eyes to a new future in a post-Ellel Ministries era.

A Sea of Opportunity

The miracle-working God, who has so faithfully led me all these years, has not changed, and with Him I can still “press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me . . . forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead” (Phil 3:12-23). With Him, a sea of uncertainty can become a sea of opportunity. That has been my experience as, through the latter half of 2023, different leaders of former Ellel Centres around the world began to share how God was also leading them into a new day of vision and purpose.  The Lord had His way of leading and directing each of their steps.

Following prayer, counsel and a clear invitation I, along with Fiona and Jill Southern are now moving forward, with other leaders no longer within Ellel Ministries, to establishing  a relational network of like-minded ministries, both in the UK and globally, which will provide room for growth whilst being steeped in and committed to the spiritual DNA of the original founding vision.  Whilst much is unclear, I can unequivocally give thanks to God for what I  see happening and discern that the Gospel will be further extended in a way only the Lord can direct, as perhaps happened with Paul and Barnabas (see Acts 15:36-41).

It is a great privilege to move forward together with these leaders, at their request, into a new sphere of service which will use the calling, gifting and experience God has placed within me to encourage them into this new era for their ministries, as part of a new charitable company to be called Gates of Hope International.

Into the Unknown

Fiona and I cannot any longer be responsible for running centres, but we are able to inspire and encourage those who can. So, for us, this is not only the beginning of a New Year, but also a new, unexpected and unplanned for, season of life, with a new calling and a new destiny. We cannot ignore such cries for help. As I climb out of my personal ‘Jabbok valley’ and step once again into the unknown, I have been made very conscious of the fact that God doesn’t consider the date on our birth certificate to be a limiting factor!

And I am also reminded of what I wrote in my last blog:

this is a time when we must be ready and work. For, as Jesus said, “as long as it is day, we must do the work of Him who sent me, Night is coming, when no one can work” (John 9:4). There will be things that we once took for granted, which will be swept away under unprecedented moves of God’s Spirit, bringing about re-alignments in the Kingdom of God which will be strategic for His purposes in the days to come.  A remnant church is rising to the call of God.”

In his first Christmas/New Year message of the Second World War, King George the Sixth quoted the words of Minnie Haskins to his people:

And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year, “Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.” And he replied: “Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God. That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.” So I went forth, and finding the hand of God, trod gladly into the night. And He led me towards the hills and the breaking of day.

And so it is with a huge sense of excitement, expectation and, yes, some trepidation that we have placed our hands firmly into the hands of God, and are once again setting out into the unknown! As we look towards the light breaking upon those hills, I can already  see how God is opening new gates of hope across the nations. And we are trusting that “Gates of Hope International” will be used of Him to play a part in preparing and equipping the people of God to serve Him and play a part in helping the remnant church rise to its feet – more about this in future blogs. There are exciting and challenging days ahead!

Within the next few days more information about Gates of Hope International will be made available on a new Gates of Hope International website: and also on my personal website at

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  1. Peter,
    Thankyou for hearing, believing and obeying. I’m grateful and thankful for all you do.
    We live in exciting times.
    Thankyou again,
    Steve Pettit
    Peoria IL

  2. Dear Peter and Fiona – How exciting and inspiring! What an encouragement to see God using His “seasoned” disciples! It pays to stay healthy in as much as is dependent on us! I’m a 58 yo RN who’s had to go on disability d/t many health issues since 2020. I’m desperately looking for a way to still serve God in my profession but can’t see myself returning to a professional work force with all the unsafe medical mandates, not to mention being forced to acquiesce to woke vocabulary and practice. God has been gradually healing me and has drawn me closer to Him than ever before in my life. My husband and I attended a conference in Florida 2 summers ago and he purchased your book about deliverance. He gifted this same book to our prayer pastor who thinks much like yourself. We are seeing to bring this type of ministry to our church. In the mean time God has put in my spirit a desire to volunteer as a nurse at the Pregnancy Center our church supports. There is a great need there and we are praying for God’s direction. It’s very encouraging to see how God is using you and Fiona at this stage of your lives….it gives me much hope! Many blessings to you both and a million thank You’s for all you’ve done and will continue to do in the name of and for the sake of our precious Savior, Jesus Christ!!

  3. Having been called “a Jacob” (by my wife, for about 50 years) perhaps my prayers might be some use. Worth a try. (P.S. nearly 79, remembering Peter from a long way back.)

  4. Thank you Peter for this powerful message you shared with us. I am forever grateful to know you and directly received wonderful teachings from you in person at Pierrepont. God richly bless you.

  5. Thank you SO much for all that you are sharing, Peter. It is enormously appreciated, and deeply resonates. I look forward, with enthusiastic anticipation, to further news on the development of GATES OF HOPE INTERNATIONAL

    God bless you, Fiona, Jill and all on team in this fresh new venture. Dinah

  6. I know many people who were dismayed at the Pierrepont decision. At the same time, I continue to sense that the underlying needs for which the Lord worked through the Pierrepont center are still very much needed (especially in relation to healing and deliverance).

    May the Lord Jesus manifest more of His glorious purposes in new ways through you Peter and others who have been “called out”, beyond the known/the familiar, into the unknown, as you noted.

  7. Thankyou for being a blessing in my life and in the life of many others! I pray that God continues returning His blessing to you abundantly!

  8. I am very excited about this news and pray God’s moving hand powerfully into the Gates of Hope International. God bless you Peter, Fiona and Jill. Hope to see you soon.

  9. Thanks be to God. Your write up speaks directly to my heart. Had been going through tempestuous and dark time. Seems Father God is reaching me too to hold into His hand, come what may.
    Let’s walk in faith and trust in Him
    One head, one body in Christ Jesus. One love and one vision in Him, with Him and thru Him. Amen. Shalom.

  10. Thanks for posting my comment. There was a typo though. The reference should have been Psalm 90. Please amend if possible.

  11. Hi Peter,
    I am so encouraged by what the Lord has been doing and saying to you and Jill about Pierrepont, I am a part of that group interceding and feel very drawn to work with you again, if you feel it right. The Lord has also just used the same scripture from Isaiah 43 – not dwelling on the former things but looking forward to the new…. I shall be with you in heart and spirit for Gates of Hope Ministries and if you feel I can be useful please let me know.

  12. I am so thrilled Peter and confirm that God has not finished with you yet. May God go with you and every blessing

  13. Dear Peter, sometimes the Lord has to close a door in order to open another. Sometimes it feels like the door has been slammed in your face. I’ve been reminded of a similar experience. Having felt surely led by Him in a certain direction the door slammed shut with a very loud bang! Shock! The door He then opened has been life transforming and beyond every expectation. I love looking back and marvelling in wonder at how He faithfully and abundantly cares for and undertakes for His children. So many in this world today are searching for the Gates of HOPE. Thank you so much Peter for this wonderful New Year blog.

  14. Peter we will be praying for you all and The Gate Of Hope! May God bless you , Fiona, Jill and your support group, every step of the way, immeasurably and abundantly. Les and Jilly Maddock

  15. Dear Peter,
    I came to Ellel Flagship a while ago. I bought as many books from you as I could. I have felt a press to read them all. More recently I started book 1 of Journey to Freedom series starting in March , and I can only describe this as being driven. The joy of finding through God’s word, all that He wants me to know about who He sees me as. I am in book 7. All my lostness is being reset by God. I have ever increasing joy. It’s like I’m being prepared to become who He had planned me to be from the start of my life, that had been damaged by life’s difficulties.
    I have great difficulty putting these books down, book 7 now, every page God is revealing more of His leading.
    Bless you for opening doorways for the lost to be retrieved, restored, dusted down, and set on the right pathway following Jesus.

  16. Thank you for your faithfulness such an encouragement and blessing to myself ,family and the body of Christ.

  17. Dearest Peter, I was very touched by this blog and the direction that God is leading you and other like minded individuals. Ellel Ministries has been used by God to help and heal countless individuals, which will continue with this new ministry in a new way. 2024, I believe is a year of transformation and it will be interesting to see how God leads. Blessings for your faithfulness.

  18. “…..Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord you God is with you wherever you go.”
    Joshua 1:9

    Thanks dear Peter, for your encouraging letter.

  19. Standing with you in prayer as you step into this God ordained new chapter in your lives.

  20. Well done brother! Every blessing as you step out into your new ministry. We so need the wisdom of the many older brothers and sisters, who have gone through many trials and set-backs and came through them, and thereby have a sense of how we navigate the challenges that we will surely encounter in the days to come. I draw much inspiration not only from the likes of you, but also the perseverance of the persecuted church. I think we can learn so much from them about how to become overcomers!

  21. I was very encouraged by this blog and the previous one by Peter which I did not comment on.

    As someone forced a little early into semi-retirement by a loss of secular work (although I do a lot for worldwide mission) I find getting going after the Christmas break difficult, especially with world news of wars and the endless dull, rainy days. I would rather the Lord came quickly and ended the world. But he hasn’t yet. Yesterday and today I was reminded of Psalm 70 and I need to pray into that. . .

    What encouraged me particularly about this blog was Peter’s comment about moving forward to establishing a network of like-minded ministries. It reminded me of Peter’s main book where the first chapters talk of Peter’s life and work before the days of Ellel Ministries. I sensed at that time that there was a willingness to share between missions. We need that because the workers are few. I shall await to see what comes next in Peter’s life!

  22. Wao! Praise the Lord???? am forever grateful to God to have connected me to ellel through the programs and thus heard and encouraged of the faithfulness of God through your journey of faith, peter horrobin. God truly loves us. This blog is exciting news and quite encouraging to me especially as I desire so much to walk in obedience to what the Lord has brought clarity in the last quarter of the year,unchartered waters of authorship. Thank you for being a blessing. May the Lord strengthen you & Fiona in every way as you continue to walk in obedience.

  23. May I say ‘well done and thank you Peter’ for your faithfulness in running with the vision for Ellel Ministries, that has born so much fruit, and blessed so many lives, including my own, by your ministry and love for the people of God. I was at the very first Prayer Support Group meeting in 1986 and have never stopped being grateful for the Godly teaching that I experienced subsequently, at different Ellel events, that brought me into a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. As I read your blog I felt such an excitement in my spirit and a feeling of the ‘rightness’ of this move of God in your life. May God bless your obedience and may He make the rough places smooth for you as walk with Him into this unknown (to you), but very well known to Him, future.

  24. Thank you, Peter, for your courage, service, sacrifice and inspiration to so many of us. Exciting are times ahead!
    Stephen Deakin.

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