God Has a Plan!

Micah 7:11, NIV
The day for building your walls will come, the day for extending your boundaries.

When the prophet Micah wrote these words, the land and the people were in devastation. God had not spared his own beloved people from the consequences of their own sins. There was always a day of reckoning. Even today, when we live in days of New Covenant grace, we are not exempt from the consequences of our own choices. As Paul reminded the Galatians (6:7-9) there is an unchangeable law of sowing and reaping!

But God did not stop loving His people when they sinned and even though they had turned their back upon Him for a season, the consequences of their mistakes eventually had the effect of bringing them back to God in repentance. Repentance is always the beginning of hope and the doorway to God’s ongoing plan for His people.

God has not changed His character. He still loves His people even when they make mistakes. And, as in Micah’s day, God looks forward in anticipation to a time of rebuilding once more! So if you are looking at a scene of personal devastation, or praying for someone who’s going through a tough time, remember, God is a Redeemer. He can see beyond the mess, He has a plan – and if we put our hand afresh into His, then we will soon be able to see what God can already see and discover the plans of God for our lives.

Prayer: Thank you Lord that you always have a plan for each one of our lives. Help me to see beyond the circumstances and to trust you so that there will be a new day of building walls and extending boundaries in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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