God Has Spoken – Be Ready!

Revelation 1:3, NIV
“Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy and blessed are

those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time

is near.”

The book of Revelation is full of mysteries. But while the details are

sometimes difficult to follow, the overall message is unmistakeably clear –

get ready, for Jesus is coming back!

The first coming of Jesus was clearly and extensively prophesied throughout

the Old Testament, but the moment of His coming was a surprise event, around

which the rest of history has been enfolded. In just the same way the second

coming of Jesus has been clearly and extensively prophesied throughout both

the Old and the New Testaments, but the moment of his coming will once

again be a surprise and an unmistakeable event. All of future history will be

measured by a new date on all the world`s calendars as the rule and reign of

King Jesus begins on earth!

The constant message of Scripture is that none of us know when that date of

His coming will be and that we should be ready for His coming at all times.

In His parable about the wise and the foolish virgins, Jesus made it clear that

there needs to be oil in our lamps at all times. It`s no good seeing the day

come and then trying to find some oil at the last minute out of desperation.

To love Him, to know Him and to serve Him is the only process by which our

lamps can be filled with the holy oil of God`s Spirit. This oil can never be

bought from a trader in spiritual blessings!

So do not worry if you find the detail of the book of Revelation difficult

to understand, but do make sure that you are ready to welcome the Saviour

when He comes, with oil in your lamp. As our Scripture for today says,

“blessed are those who hear and take to heart what is written in it, because

the time is near.” And as we look at the escalating pattern of world events,

who can doubt that the clock is ticking loudly and the armies of Heaven are

getting ready for the greatest ever day of future history!

Prayer: Thank you Lord, that you tell us clearly in Your Word to listen carefully to the message of the book of Revelation. I am so blessed to know

that one day soon You are coming back . Help me always to have oil in my

lamp as I look forward to welcoming Your rule and reign. In Jesus`s Name,


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