The Importance of Wholeheartedness

2 Chronicles 25:2, NIV
Amaziah did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, but not wholeheartedly.

Amaziah was a King whose reign was affected by mixture – the mixture of wanting to get it right by doing those things that would bless the Lord, but at the same time thinking that he also knew best and would choose to do things his way when it suited him. This is a recipe for disaster.

Wherever you find people in Scripture telling God that His ways are not the best ways, you will soon find that the end result is never good. Arrogance and pride are never a good substitute for humility and obedience. Verse 20 of this chapter says it very plainly, “Amaziah, however, would not listen”.

The real issue for Amaziah was an unwillingness to come under authority. As King, he was in charge of the country and God was his ultimate authority. But in his pride he turned away from the Lord and eventually it cost him his life (verse 27). The rebellion at the root of his lack of wholeheartedness eventually destroyed him. Very few of us are in Amaziah’s privileged position as an absolute King, with only God above us! But we are all accountable to God for our choices and to those God has put in authority over us.

A friend of mine once tried to tell the head of his Bible School what he believed God was asking him to do. He actually wanted to do what suited him! It was not a good plan and the Principal told him so. But my friend chose not to submit to the authority he was under. It was the worst decision he could have made and it very nearly cost him his life! God saved him from disaster in this case, but it was a much needed wake-up call from God. Humility and obedience, even sometimes when it doesn’t seem to suit us, are vital characteristics of the life of a man or woman of God.

Prayer: Help me Lord to remember the lesson of Amaziah and choose to walk in humility and obedience before you all my days. In Jesus’s name, Amen

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