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Recently I recorded a series of programmes for Sid Roth’s Radio Programme, Messianic Vision. Sid wanted me to talk about experiences we have had of seeing God at work bringing FREEDOM into people’s lives through the healing ministry. After all, Isaiah did prophesy that when the Sovereign Lord came He would set the captives free (Isaiah 61:1)! And Jesus also told his disciples to go out and proclaim the Kingdom of God and heal the sick (Luke 9:1-2). It was great to be able to tell of some of the wonderful things God has done

There are five programmes in the series and you can listen to them all by clicking on the following link, which will take you straight to the right spot on the Messianic Vision website.

Peter on Sid Roth radio programme.

Then all you need to do is click on each of the five days in turn and you can listen to the programmes on your computer.
On the second programme I tell the story of a lady who had been chronically anorexic for fourteen years and had determined to commit suicide. But on our very first healing retreat God healed her so deeply and completely that she was able to eat a plate of fish and chips! She and her husband then went to Bible College for training, and for the past twenty five years she has been a Salvation Army evangelist! It’s quite a story – one of those unforgettable experiences of seeing God at work!

Sid Roth recorded a second series of programmes on Healing Through Forgiveness – these haven’t been broadcast yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as they’re available.


  1. Praise the matchless name of Jesus that always make us triumph!
    Thanks Peter for this, I see it as a new move of the Holy spirit for you to reach many of us. We will be faithfully feed by it
    We feel that we have benefited a lot from your teaching and Healing ministry.
    Thanks, may God bless you abundantly in his Work.

  2. Hello Peter & Fiona,
    Yesterday I received e-mail about new blog, so am catching up and I sincerly thank you for sharing with us all. Having completed 365 recently I am eager for more ‘spiritual food’ and the radio programmes are great. I am devoted to Ellel as this is a place where the ‘TRUTH’ is taught in plain language we can all understand.
    May God keep enriching you both and his Spirit keep energising you also. I look forward in eagerness for your next blog.
    Yours in Christ Jesus

  3. Thanks Lord for your this service, As i lived in Pakistan and not have much up to dated resources. So, I am much excited and thankful to Lord and you for this ministry.
    God bless you

  4. These are my feelings too. I bought the book ‘Sarah’ for my sister-in-law and recommend it to anyone who is battling with Anorexia or childhood abuse.

  5. I’m very excited by the your idea because i firmly believe that our generation needs people who are equipped by our Lord Jesus to teach us not only “what to do” (as happens in most pulpits) but “how to do “so we have an abundant life in fellowship with the Spirit of the Lord Jesus

  6. Dear Peter
    What a step in faith you have taken! We are so happy to be reading your blog and sharing in this journey with you and look forward to many interesting times. May God richly bless you and Fiona in what you do.

  7. Peter and Fiona,may God let His face shine upon you ! I have been enriched and strengthened by the daily devotions which to me have been fresh manna.This new blog system will be aqn added advantage to people like me from Kenya who can use computers on limited basis.L look forward to Sid Roth recordings !

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