“You will be hated by all nations because of me” (Matthew 24:9)

In the end-times we will need to get used to the fact that Jesus was right! Believers who remain faithful to Jesus and the Word of God will be under constant attack from the liberal wokery that is now prevalent across society, and which it is so easy for the church to bow down to, in an attempt to make itself acceptable to an unbelieving world. Sadly, compromising on truth only makes the church less noticeable and less relevant, as the borderlines between faith and apostasy become ever more blurred.

This past week the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) stood down as the First Minister of Scotland. Immediately, the race for a successor began and one of the leading contenders is Kate Forbes, a young very committed, born-again believer. A remarkable article in the London Daily Telegraph asked some telling questions, “Is she too Christian to lead a political party? . . .  Does her faith debar her from public office? . . . . It’s dangerous now to hold old-fashioned views on marriage, gender and abortion.”  A spokesman for the SNP is quoted as saying, “There will be a massive campaign against her, particularly by the woke crowd, because of her religious beliefs.”

Without realizing it, the Telegraph writers were simply recognizing that what Jesus said all those years ago is coming true. The world hates truth and while people will patronize Jesus by saying he was a good man with teaching worth hearing and following,  they will not tolerate any intrusion of Biblical truth into the affairs of a world that has not only lost its moral compass, but in which most people seem to have no desire to find it again.

The article also asked another telling question: if it’s OK to have a devout Hindu as the Prime Minister of England, why wouldn’t it be OK to have a devout Christian as the First Minister of Scotland? The difference is simple, real Christian faith is not a religion with a set of steps to appease God, but a relationship in which the price of having a relationship with Him has already been paid by Jesus on the cross. Through ownership of our sin and repentance, we receive new life and have the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit to overcome it. Jesus said he was THE Way, THE Truth and THE Life. The plumbline of truth which hangs from the cross is offensive to those whose lifestyle is challenged by the central tenets of the Christian faith.

Christian truth is not just a system of beliefs, only of relevance to an inner circle of believers and which don’t have any significance for everyone else – the teachings of God’s Word are applicable to the whole world, believers and unbelievers alike. So, when a Christian says what they believe, and those beliefs cut across the liberal secularism of society, there is an instant reaction, prompted by the god of this world, which, in recent years, has cost people their jobs and caused many believers to be dragged through the courts, just because they hold to Biblical truth without compromising what they believe. Our post-Christian, so-called liberal, society breeds hostile intolerance.

I suggest that, whatever our political thinking may be, we should be praying for Kate Forbes. In an interview to the BBC she said, “I believe in the person of Jesus Christ. I believe that he died for me, he saved me and that my calling is to serve and to love him and to serve and love my neighbours.” Wow! Since when have we ever heard a politician in the UK speak such truth to the media! Or, even more significantly, since when have we ever heard the national leaders of our churches, certainly in Britain, share such a clear testimony with the media and the world?

All the nations of the western world, the nations who in recent centuries have been the preservers of Christian truth in their governance of the people, are falling like dominos into a godless hole.   The end of the age is closing in, Jesus told us to rejoice and keep watch with prayers that focus on the signs of the times and on those who are prepared to be a light shining in the darkness so that the light will not be put out by the enemies of truth, but will shine ever brighter in a darkening world. As the darkness gets darker so the light of Jesus will shine brighter.  If He is lifted up, He will draw all men to Himself.

Another political commentator was even brave enough to say that it would be a dark day for the world if a Christian believer was debarred from office simply because of their faith. Yes, indeed.



  1. Thank you, Alan, for this wise addition to the thread of comments. I am reminded of how Jesus said of those who were crucifying him that “they know not what they do.” And that is also today’s reality for most of those who are antagonistic towards believers. They don’t really know Who it is that is the ultimate object of their antagonism. While holding to our position in respect of the truth of God’s Word, we must also accord to those who think or believe differently the same love and respect that we would welcome from them. It is by showing love that people will have the opportunity to discover that “God IS love”!

  2. I believe firmly in standing up for the truth, but am concerned that many Christians might be focusing on aspects that have nothing to do with the propagation of the Gospel or any aspect of the Christian life. It is interesting that during His life on earth, the Lord Jesus limited His criticism of other faiths and practices to those who hypocritically claimed to be part of the kingdom of God, namely, the scribes and Pharisees He never criticized the Roman or other religions, and as for other issues very contentious in our time, He stated that “if the mighty works done in Capernaum had been done in Sodom it would have continued to this day” and told Pilate that if His kingdom had been of this world, then His disciples would fight, “that I be not delivered to the Jews”. It’s not that I believe that we must not make a stand in our own personal lives and fellowships, but we are not a moral watchdog for the world. Christians have suffered unnecessarily for doing so, attributing it to persecution, but Paul said clearly; “Let none of you suffer as a murderer, or a thief, OR A BUSYBODY IN OTHER MEN’S MATTERS”
    May the Lord encourage us, as Paul did to Timothy, “to know how to behave yourself in the Church of God”.

  3. Dear Peter,

    I have been thinking about the phrase that you used in your last post: ‘liberal wokery’. It’s a useful description of todays liberal progressive politics. However, behind its meaning, as you make clear, is deep hatred of God and His Word, and those who hold fast to His Word. Many God give each of us the strength never to let go of the truth whatever the cost. Please LORD make us More diligent in prayer (1 Timothy 2:1-4).

  4. Thank you Peter. Wise words indeed.
    It is a challenge to be salt and light. God’s desire for us is to live so that we can see him and hear him, and then do and say the things we see and hear. Pressing-in to maintain that relationship is key. Yet, as we are filled with his light, his love and his Spirit, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Should it?

  5. “Amen and amen” to what you have written Peter. SO True! I see it as a”badge of honour” to be hated by the “world,” since Christ aid that a “Servant is NOT above his/her Master.” Indeed i’m hated in my own household, persecuted even, but Christ said that (for some of us, His followers) “Your enemies will be of your own household,” so another “badge of honour,” or PROOF even that i’m an AUTHENTIC modern-day disciple of Christ, not just a “believer,” but one who “rattles the cage” of the so-called ‘god of this world,’ so that he feels obligated to wage war against little-old-me personally, in order to try and feel he can somehow or restrict me, dumb me down, or negate my attempts to “destroy the works of the devil” 24/7, as Christ, my role model, did PERFECTLY, when He was on earth. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!

  6. Absolte Truth. The end of the Age draws to a close and Jesus’ coming for His Bride draws near.
    I am just SO thankful for the opportunity to have done J2F last year 2022. Currently I’m busy with TouchingHearts International course. ???????? GOD BLESS YOU AND ELLEL MINISTRIES !

  7. How many of us realise the truth in John 15v18-19? How many times is the word ‘hated’ mentioned in these verses?

    Could it be that much of the church accepts the ways of the world so we don’t actually feel hated? Are we really willing to come out of the world? If we are, we should all be loving one another so deeply. But because we may be in the world, we do not see the need to love others so much. May we change. May we show greater love to each other.

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