Are you a £5 note or a 20p?

Matthew 23:11, NIV
The greatest among you will be your servant.

One day, a few years ago, I was rushing along as usual in my Volvo, when the engine cut out and the car stopped. It was pouring with rain and I didn’t have a coat. I saw a red telephone box some way ahead. There was nothing for it but to grab my handbag, lock the car and run to the phone box.

By the time I arrived, I was absolutely soaked. I looked in my purse for a 20p to make a call and found, to my great dismay that I only had a £5 note.

What could I do now? As complete frustration overwhelmed me, the Lord spoke, “You have a £5 note and you need a 20p piece”. “Yes, Lord, I know that!” And the Lord said, “Sometimes, I need you to be a 20p piece because there are times when a £5 note is useless. Are you willing to be a 20p piece when I need you to be, or are you always wanting to be a £5 note?”

I wasn’t expecting the Lord to speak to me and I was profoundly affected. As I considered this challenge, I started to cry (as if I wasn’t wet enough already!) and said, “O Lord, I humble myself afresh before you and agree. I’m willing to be a 20p piece for You whenever You need me to be one.”

Through my tears, I looked down to get a tissue from my bag and my eyes caught sight of a 20p piece in the returned coin slot. How remarkable of God! I was able to use it to make the call and get the help I needed.

I’ve never forgotten that moment. He’s the Master, I’m the servant. It’s so important that I’m willing to serve and learn to be servant-hearted as Jesus Himself was.

Prayer: Lord, teach me today to be wholly available to You, to serve in whatever way You choose. I’m willing to be a 20p piece whenever You need me to be one. Help me to learn to be servant hearted. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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