When the enemy seeks you out!

2 Samuel 5:17, NIV
‘When the Philistines heard that David had been anointed King over Israel, they went up in full force to search for him.’

David had been anointed to be the future King by Samuel when he was not much more than a boy. The years had passed and now the position of Kingly authority, which Samuel had set him apart for, was now his. Judah and Israel had been united under his leadership and he had been installed as king and anointed again into his God-prepared office. He was now in charge, with all the authority of God behind him to rule and reign in the land.

What a great moment that must have been for David, as he realised that everything he had been made for was actually happening. The problem, however, with getting into the place of God’s appointing and anointing is that you are now at your most dangerous to the enemy! The Philistines had not forgotten that King David was the one who had defeated Goliath and, as a result, all the Philistine armies were defeated also. So the moment news of David being established on the throne reached the Philistines, they didn’t send him a gift and a congratulatory note, but, instead, prepared their armies to go and search for him. They went in full force to try and deal David a fatal blow.

How the Philistines behaved in this instance, is a picture of how the spiritual enemies of God’s people have always behaved. Satan hates it when believers get themselves into the place of their calling and destiny. For then they are at their most dangerous to the enemy strongholds. Satan fears what damage they may do to his kingdom. So he works out a strategy to attack us and find those places of vulnerability in our spiritual defences.

As you read the rest of this story you see how David didn’t act on his own understanding, but enquired of the Lord what he should do and, as a result, he defeated the Philistines twice in quick succession. The key lesson for us from David’s experience is that we must always enquire of the Lord about what we should do – in all and every circumstance. His wisdom is such that even if the enemy thinks he has a means of destroying what God is doing through you, God always has a strategy that will give you victory. The key is simple, take time to listen to God and then act faithfully in obedience. The Philistines were defeated when David did this and David’s victory is a great encouragement to us to hold our ground when we are under threat of attack, knowing that God wants to give us the victory.

Prayer: Help me, Lord, when the enemy attacks, to always seek your face and ask for your help. I need to know your strategy for dealing with the enemy so that I will remain in my place as a loyal soldier of the King of Kings. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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