The Rock

Matthew 7: 24 Amp
“The wise man … built his house on the rock.”

A friend was visiting me recently and together we went to see a house built in the 1900’s by an architect of the Arts and Crafts Movement. It was an interesting visit with many beautiful aspects of craftsmanship to admire: intricate carving, wonderfully decorated tiles round the fireplaces, beautiful pieces of furniture and so on.

In one part of the house was an art exhibition displaying pictures by an artist of the period. I didn’t like many of the pictures, despite the fact that they were skilfully painted, but some of them had a pseudo-Christian message to them. However, one spoke clearly to my friend. It was of a young woman standing on a very small rock amid a swirling sea with sea monsters circling round her, and my friend said, “That’s exactly how I feel sometimes.”

And she described how the Lord had shown her various pictures to do with standing on the Rock. Sometimes it is small and she seems surrounded by dangers, at others it is like Table Mountain in South Africa standing high above the sea, flat and broad, but always the Rock is secure and safe. The rock in the picture was rising up out of the sea bed and was flat and wide enough for the woman to stand on in safety.

Jesus is our Rock and security, and no matter what storms may come in our lives, and He warns us that they will come, He will be our firm foundation, who will never shift. We mustn’t forget that He’s also there through the good times too – sometimes we forget to thank Him for them!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, Thank You that You’re our Rock, the firm foundation, who will never change or shift. You’re there in the good times and the bad. Please help us to remember that we can always call on You in the bad times, and remind us to say “thank You” for being with us in the good ones. Amen.

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