A Great Fish!

Jonah 1:17, NIV
But the Lord provided a great fish to swallow Jonah, and Jonah was inside the fish three days and three nights.”

I was once fishing in the Indian Ocean. I had fished all day in difficult waters. The swell on the sea made it difficult to keep upright and I had been very sick. But a fisherman always pushes through, whatever the conditions, in the hope of landing that catch of a lifetime.

Suddenly, my rod bent double, there was a gigantic pull and I was into my first fish of the day. Little by little I wound up a huge musselcracker from the depths of the sea. I could see it coming to the surface through the transparent blue waters. I was close to landing my fish when from deep down a huge shadow was seen moving quickly towards the boat. At the last moment the shadow turned sideways and what at first looked like a shadow turned out to be one of those great white sharks that frequent the shores of South Africa – my musselcracker was a tiddler by comparison!

With extraordinary precision, the shark closed its teeth on my musselcracker, neatly severed the head and carried on its way with a late afternoon snack in its mouth. In a state of shock I wound in the fish head, hanging there from the hook as an abject reminder of the fish I nearly caught!

I will never forget that great fish – just as I’m sure Jonah never forgot his great fish, for very different reasons. Jonah had run away from God, but circumstances brought deep repentance and God’s provision got him back on track. Your circumstances may seem beyond your capacity to resolve – but remember Jonah’s great fish. God’s remedy could not have been planned or even imagined by Jonah, but when it came it was a total solution. If you feel that you are swimming in deep water out of control, remember Jonah! Put right anything that needs to be dealt with before God(and man) and look for God’s total solution!

Prayer:Thank you Lord for your total solution to Jonah’s problem. Help me to remember that you are the same God today as you were then and to always believe for your solution to every situation. In Jesus, Amen.

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