Psalm 91: 9 & 10, NIV
“If you make the Most High your dwelling – even the Lord, who is my refuge – then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent.”

As I was walking near the canal which runs not far from Ellel Grange, I heard a rustling in the trees above me and, looking up, I saw a squirrel – sadly not a native red one, which are now quite rare in this country, but the grey ones are still fun to watch. This particular one was going right to the very ends of the slender branches of a beech tree, reaching for the beech mast which still hung there. At one time he let go with his front legs and swung head down feasting on his finds. There was no fear as he swung around the tree-tops, he trusted completely that he would be safe.

For many of us there are times when we feel we are being taken right to the ends of the “branches” in our lives. We feel as though we are being stretched to the very limits of what we believe is possible for us to achieve, but if we have put our trust in God and are walking in His will, He will never let us go. Unlike the squirrel which has to depend on its own ability and agility to scamper about the trees, we have our Father to depend on.

At Ellel Grange there is a clay model of a pair of hands holding a small child. It is a powerful reminder that we are always being held in God’s hands, unless we wilfully walk away from Him, and He will keep us safe in and through (though not necessarily from) all circumstances.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Thank You so much that You are my strength and shield. Thank You that You have given Your angels command concerning me to guard me in all my ways. (Psalm 91: 11) May I always be aware of this as You ask me to step out in faith beyond my comfort zone. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

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